Sunday, January 31, 2021

Mora Results/Monday Race

Overall and Individual results from yesterday's Mora Races are now posted on the right side of the blog.  It was a fun day, one that made the season feel more like a regular one, with multiple races, and even though it was an all day event and can get long, it didn't feel rushed like many of our other races this year.  The skiers got to see different teams; got to ski on a different course; got to do different races.  It's a nice change, and it was fun to watch all of them put in a solid effort and work all the way to the finish!!  Thanks to all of the parents that were able to be there and for those that have taken photos and put them on Facebook!

Next up is a race at Elm Creek tomorrow, Monday.  This is a Skate race that will start at 4:00, with the bus leaving at 2:30. The schedule is below with this being a 1 lap course and will be on their lighted trails, so if it does start to get dark before they all finish, the skiers will still be able to see.  However, at this moment I have not been told if the Boys or the Girls will be going first.  Once I find that out I will let everyone know.  I will also put out information on the rest of the week later today.  

4:00 - First 8 Girls/Boys for each team, 2 from each school every 20 seconds
4:05 - Second 8 for each team 
4:10 - Third 8 for each team

4:45 - First 8 Boys/Girls for each team, 2 from each school every 20 seconds
4:50- Second 8 for each team
4:55 - Third 8 for each team

Any questions, please let me know,

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