Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Wednesday Skate Race

Here are the basics for tomorrows Skate Race at the Elk River Country Club.  The race is a 5K or 2.7K, but we are having all of our skiers go the 5K distance since temps will be nicer and we also think that all of the skiers are ready for the challenge if they have not been raing 5K yet.
Boys are at 3:30, Girls are at 3:55, and this will be a 1 lap course, but one that you can see the skiers in a couple of different locations.  So if you are a skier, bring your skis and head out on the course before the races to catch our skiers during the race!

Directions: Go west on Hwy 10 to Elk River.  Stay on Hwy 10 through downtown Elk River and take a right onto Proctor Ave.  You will then go about 2-3 miles on Proctor Ave to the Elk River Country Club, which will be on the right.  Spectators will be able to park in the main lot, but if it is full, you will need to park at Woodland Trails which is the next drive past the golf course on the right.

If there are any questions, please let me know,

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