Sunday, November 25, 2018

Practices this Week

Well, the snow isn't flying, but because the temps were cold enough, the man-made loop at Elm Creek is fully open and practices have been assigned to teams.  We were assigned 3 days this week, and we are going to take all 3 of them.  Our weekly schedule will be off a bit, and here are the basics so everyone is able to prepare:
Monday: Elm Creek, Skate.  Bus leaves at 3:55, we practice from 4:30-6:00pm.  We will be lifting weights after school, then those that are able to can head home before we leave, or everyone can hang out by the ski room and do homework, work on the Ski Ergs, or work on the ski specific things.  For those that are new and now have the NNN binding system (2 channels, one bar on the bottom of the boot), we will need your skis right after school so we can go get the bindings switched so you can ski on the skis we signed out to you.
Tuesday: Elm Creek, Classic. Bus leaves at 5:30, be at the school by 5:15 to do the Exercise band routine.  We practice from 6:15-7:45pm
Wednesday: Normal day of practice, we will be on foot.
Thursday: Elm Creek, Skate. Bus leaves at 5:30, be at the school by 5:15 to do the Exercise band routine. We practice from 6:15-7:45pm
Friday: Bus leaves at 9:00am, heading to Rum River Central for pole running and workout.
Saturday: We will talk more about this, but leaning towards having the skiers go out to Elm Creek or Theo Wirth (prefered) to get time on snow.  We will let everyone know what is decided when we get closer.

Lastly, the order for poles is not complete yet.  We ordered 38 pairs of poles and a lot of them had to be cut down to sizes, plus the other busy stuff at the shop, it will take a little time.  The hope is to still have them by tomorrow, Monday, but if not, we will have poles for those that need them.

Thanks, and any questions, please let me know,

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