Sunday, January 20, 2019

Week Ahead

Here is our plan for the week ahead. It is not exactly what we want, but getting limited by the lack of snow and the availability of man-made venues:
Monday: 12:30 at the high school, weight training, possibly some double pole work in the pit, then a run inside. We also would like the skiers to go to Elm or Wirth before or after to get an hour of skiing in. Because of the holiday we are not allowed team practices at Elm and it is a hit and miss on the amount of skiers that will be at Wirth.
Tuesday: Elm Creek at 6:15, bus leaves at 5:30
Wednesday: Classic Race at Elm Creek, Boys at 3:30, Girls at 4:00.  We will then stay at Elm and ski until 5:30 to get some more time on snow.
Thursday: Team Pictures, 3:30, site TBD. If we travel some place we will leave at 3:15. The race that was supposed to be on Thursday was cancelled due to snow availability at Baker park.
Friday: Possible practice at Wirth, pending availability 
Saturday: TBD. We will most likely go some place since our time on snow was so limited during the week. More to come as the week progresses.

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