Friday, March 1, 2019

Thank You!

Thank you again for all of the support and another great Nordic Season! 

A couple of things, a reminder that Wednesday, March 6th after school is Uniform and Equipment turn in's.  Please make sure uniforms are clean and also make sure skiers understand that it will take a little time to get equipment in because we need to clean the skis and put on wax before we store them.  Boy's also need to have their lockers cleaned out, locks taken off the locker, and brought to me with the combination written on the lock.  Until Wednesday, however, get out and enjoy the snow!!

Second, the ski shops are starting to have their end of season sales.  Keep your eye on and I will post them as well.  These are great opportunities to get deals on skis as well as poles, boots, wax, and clothing.  If you are looking to get your first pair of skis of your own, look towards the classic skis, as having classic skis fit for you makes classic skiing so much better!

If there are any questions, please let me know. 

Thanks again and best of luck to all as they move onto their next sport/activity/adventure!!


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