Monday, December 30, 2019

Changes for this Week

After talking with those that were at practice this morning, we have made a couple of changes for the week that are now highlighted in red on the post with the weekly workouts.  We will meet at 9:00am at Bunker Campground on both Tuesday and Thursday.  Tuesday we will be doing classic work, Thursday skate work.  The hope is to be done by 11:00.

Also, we have decided we will be leaving at 8:00am on Friday for the Mesabi Invite and we will be spending some more time at Pine Valley in Cloquet to get some work in that we lost this weekend.  Only big change is that everyone will need to bring a lunch with them for Friday.  But, I need to know who is and is not coming with us by tomorrow morning so I can get numbers in to Chicagami as well for the Boosters to contact Giant Ridge and they have enough food for us for our lunch on Saturday.

If there are any questions, please let me know,

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