Tuesday, December 3, 2019

First Race of the Year

Here is the schedule for tomorrow's Age Group Skate race at Elm Creek.  The Boys will be starting at 3:30 and the Girls will be starting at about 4:00.  We will start with our returning skiers one every 20 seconds, seniors first, then juniors on down, and they will all be skiing two laps (5K). Our First Years will be at the back end and they will have the option of doing 1 or 2 laps (2.5k or 5K).
There will be 6 teams skiing (and there will still be general public skiing as well), so parking will be a little tight, so please plan ahead so you have enough time to find a place to park and then be able to walk to the course.
We do want you out on the course supporting (even though the bridge is a good place to watch from a higher height), but please make sure you are not walking on the course.  If you do have to cross the course, please make sure you check to make sure no skiers are coming.  The heaviest traffic is near the start/finish area, so please make sure you are aware of your surroundings if you are there.
You can find directions to Elm Creek in the Parent Handbook, but basically you need to go on Hwy 610 to Elm Creek Parkway.

Lastly, thanks for all of the food tonight and for being a part of tonight's gathering!

Any questions on anything, let me know

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