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Mesabi East Invite

Mesabi East Invitational
Sat. Jan 4, 2020

The Mesabi East Invitational is upon us again and it is time for our skiers to participate in the largest high school ski meet in the country.  We will be leaving tentatively at 12:00pm on Friday, Jan. 3 from in front of the school.   We will be going to Pine Valley Trails in Cloquet to get in some skiing, waxing our skis, then heading to Camp Chicagami.

We have for a number of years stayed at Camp Chicagami (218-744-4683 if you need to get a hold of us), south of Eveleth, which is bunk style sleeping.  So, besides the usual overnight items that we all bring, toiletries and clothes, the skiers will need to bring up a sleeping bag, pillow, and towel for showering.  One suggestion that we do make though, is that the amount of food brought with is limited.  We will have dinner and breakfast at Camp Chicagmi and the Booster Club has purchased lunch for Saturday for the skiers.  The cost for the night of stay and two meals is $35 and needs to be paid before we leave (Checks written out to Coon Rapids Nordic Skiing). 

On the trip home, (we hope to leave from Giants Ridge around 4:30pm) we will make a brief stop in Forest Lake to make phone calls to let you know when we will be back. 

How we will do the Mesabi Invite this year, is that the top 10 boys and the top 10 girls will all race in a Varsity or JV race, either Classic style or Freestyle.  The rest of the team will not be racing, but are invited to come along to help out at the meet, to learn about waxing, for cheering, and to get an opportunity to ski on some World Class trails and continue to improve.  But, we are limited to a total number of 40 people, including coaches, and bus driver (Snes). We will need to know as soon as possible if your child is able to or unable to attend.  This is not a mandatory event for those that are not racing, but because our camp was canceled, we would like has many of the skiers to come with us so we can get more time in on snow and help them with areas we as coaches know we can improve on.  If we are able to get most of the team to come with, and I would like to know by Tuesday, we will leave earlier on Friday since we do not have school and get more time on snow when we get to Cloquet, doing a lot of technique work.  Please let me know as soon as you can if your skier is coming with or not.

Also, once the start lists are posted, I will be sending out the start list so you are able to know when your child will be skiing if they are racing. The first race is at 10:00 and the clock will continue running until the last skier has finished.  The last skier of the day to start is usually around 3:30, just to let you know how spread out the day is.  The start list will also help you better plan your day if you are going to be attending.  If you have any questions, please contact me.  I will also post any additional information later in the week.

Mesabi Invite, Jan. 3-4, 2020 @ Giants Ridge
Skate Skate
Jared Heida - V Amelia Blomberg - V
Noah Christiansen - V Josie Ingvaldson - V
Aaron Casey - V Ilsa Hoaglund - V
Michael Smith - JV Tara Treml - JV
Jaxon Lahner - JV Olivia Nojd - JV
Classic Classic
Josh Thoen - V Abby Ellenbecker -V
Ricky Petroff - V Lilah Gilyard - V
Myles Gilyard - V Akala Lowe - V
Peyton Martinek - JV Zoe Hoaglund - JV
Ryan Powley - JV Katrina Hoggarth - JV
Coaches Coach
Denny Green Jerlie Jensen
Denny Nelson 12
Snes 13
Jennings Jurmu 14
15 15
16 16
17 17
18 18
19 19
20 20

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