Sunday, December 15, 2019

Week Ahead

This message will be covering a lot, so please make sure to read through all of this.

First, here is the rough schedule for the week:
#Monday - Practice (weight training at 2:35, bus to leave no later than 3:25 for Bunker Campground)
         - Please note that Pizza Orders are due on Monday as well!!
         - We also need to know on this day who is able to donate food for camp. We are currently              a little low and want to make sure we have enough food for everyone.
Tuesday - Practice (bus to leave no later than 3:25 for Bunker Campground)
Wednesday - Skate Race at Hyland (bus to leave at 2:00, first race at 4:00)
Thursday - Practice (bus to leave no later than 3:25 for Bunker Memorial)
*Friday - Mora Invite (bus to leave at 12:30*, home around 6:00) Those not attending will be given ideas for practice depending on if they are racing on Saturday or not.
Saturday - Mora Invite (bus to leave at 8:00, home around 4:30)

#Our team leaders have discussed many items and one item is to have an occasional practice for the more advanced skiers at a different, more challenging trail location. The school has given us permission to allow our skiers to travel on their own to practices, but we as coaches are wanting to make sure you as parents are OK, and aware of  his or not.  We currently have three training groups that change every other week, and we are thinking of sending Group 1 (top Varsity skiers) to Woodland Trails in Elk River on Monday for a more intense workout (something the leaders also asked for).  Below is a link to a form for the parents of those in Group 1 to fill out as well as a list of those currently in Group 1.  If we don't hear from all of the parents or don't have a unanimous "OK" we will continue to have the whole team practice at the same location.  Group 1 Skiers are as follows:
Group 1
Aaron Casey
Caleb Chesser
Eli Christiansen
Noah Christiansen
Myles Gilyard
Jared Heida
Jennings Jurmu
Jaxon Lahner
Peyton Martinek
Ricky Petroff
Ryan Powley
Michael Smith
Joshua Thoen
Abby Ellenbecker
Lilah Gilyard
Here is the link to let us know if you OK this possible option: Group 1 Travel Permission

Lastly, this upcoming weekend is the Mora Invite, an event we have done the past couple of years as an opportunity to get some more time racing as well as competing against some other teams. We know that there are things happening with the Holiday break and family gatherings.  This meet is not a mandatory meet, but we would like to know who can attend.  With that, we will have a form at the school for the athletes to fill in, but we are also going to ask that you please go to the following link to fill out the form to notify us if your skier(s) are able to attend and if so which day (schedule is listed below).  We only want the skiers to race on one day and if they chose to race on Saturday, we would like for them to stay behind and get a workout in and then get home.  Please click on and fill out the following: Mora Invite Form

If there are any questions, please let me know,

*We were notified this week that the lights that Mora was hoping to have installed this year have not been yet, so they are not able to have this meet at the originally scheduled time and will need to be done before it gets dark.  Below is the schedule for both days:
2:10 Boys JH/MS
2:15 Girls JH/MS
2:35 Boys JV
2:45 Girls JV
3:30 Boys Sprint Relay (4x1k)
4:00 Girls Sprint Relay (4x1k)
4:40 Awards
10:00 Girls Varsity Classic
11:00 Boys Varsity Classic
12:00 Girls JV Skate
12:20 Boys JV Skate
12:40 Girls JH/MS Skate
1:00 Boys JH/MS Skate
1:30 Girls Varsity Skate Pursuit
2:15 Boys Varsity Skate Pursuit
3:15 Awards

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