Sunday, January 26, 2020

Week Ahead

Here is some basics for this week:
Monday: JV Conference at Theodore Wirth in Minneapolis, bus will leave at 2:00. Girls will race at 4:00, Boys at 4:30.  The skiers that are skiing are picking if they are going classic or skate.  The Varsity skiers will be going with to get a short workout in on the Conference course to get ready for Wednesday.  When we get home, we may start working on the Varsity skiers ski's at the high school.

Tuesday: Bus to Bunker will leave by 3:25, Skate ski.  Varsity will work on their ski's once we get back from practice at the high school.

Wednesday: NWSC Meet at Theo Wirth, bus leaving at 7:00am.  This is an all day event, with the skiers doing both skate (in the morning) and classic (in the afternoon), with the second race being a pursuit based on how they finished in the morning race.  Those not racing are allowed to come with to help, but please let us know so we can excuse them from school
Girls Skate: 10:00
Boys Skate: 11:00
Girls Classic Pursuit: 2:00
Boys Classic Pursuit: 3:00
Awards: 3:45ish

Thursday is team picture day at Bunker. Bus will leave by 3:20.  We will classic ski after pictures are done.

Friday: Bus to Bunker will leave be 3:25, Skate Ski.

Saturday we will practice, but time and location will still need to be determined.

Lastly, even those that are racing on Monday, there is still practice through the rest of the season, with the Lakeville JV in two weeks and the Pastry Relay's the following Monday.  These are great opportunities for the younger skiers to get more time in on skis and to not have the pressure.

Here is who will be racing on Wednesday and the start order/bib number that they are:
Jared Heida 127
Josh Thoen 142
Noah Christiansen 156
Ricky  Petroff 159
Peyton Martinek 173
Myles Gilyard 188
Aaron Casey 195
Ryan Powley 208
Michael Smith 218
Jaxon Lahner 238
Ava Kehr 12
Abby Ellenbecker 18
Lilah Gilyard 30
Ilsa Hoaglund 47
Zoe Hoaglund 59
Akala Lowe 63
Josie Ingvaldson 74
Olivia Nojd 89
Tara Treml 99
Julia Dutton 114
Any questions, please let me know,

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