Sunday, March 1, 2020

End of Season Items

Here are a couple of end of season items as we head into the spring.

1. Uniform and Equipment turn in are on this Wednesday, March 4th after school.  We will be putting wax on all of the skis, so skiers will need to stick around for a while to get this taken care of.

2. For those of you looking for new equipment, now is the time to start looking at the shops as well as when they have their sales.  Shops to look at for the best deals are Gear West, Pioneer Midwest, Boulder Nordic Sports, and Finn Sisu.  Joe's and Hoigaards will also have sales, but the first four are more Nordic specifiic.

3. Training options are going to start becoming more readily available soon as well.  Our summer training will expand a little with two days a week meeting and an occasional Saturday where we will try to go some place with different challenges.  We will get more info out once we have figured our plan out and we are closer to the start of the summer months.

4. For those that are wanting to really get into the training, we have always sent our skiers to the Minneapolis Ski Club for Summer Training.  They do also offer Spring and Fall Training for those who may not be in an activity at school in either of those time frames.  Check out their web site for more specifics:

5. We will be having a "Garage Sale" once we get all of our equipment turned back in and are able to organize the ski room and go through what we have and what we would like to update.  Everything that we would be putting in the sale are good items, just we would like to update them. This is something that we do occasionally.  We will let everyone know when we get everything in order.  We will not be getting rid of any skis or poles however.


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