Thursday, November 19, 2020

11/19 Update

I was hoping to have some more clear information today after yesterday's decisions, but most everything I have heard has not been confirmed, so I will be withholding any of that until I have definitive details.  One thing to note is that we will be delayed in our start to the season and I am not 100% on what our new start date is going to be.  The school Activities Directors had meetings today with the State High School League and then with the Conference as well, so we will be hoping to have information tomorrow.  As soon as I get this info I will post it. 

There is still one really good ski swap for those that are needing equipment.  Pioneer Midwest in Osseo is having there's on Nov. 21 and Nov. 22.  Please check out their website as well for the details:   Please check out this link to get all of the information.  Also, I know that they are looking for volunteers, so if interested, let them know.

Next, and this is also still up in the air and MAY happen.  I have discussed with the CR AD about getting equipment out to everyone now that the season is being delayed.  He is checking into it, and if we are able to, we will set up a day and time to get skis/poles out to those that need it so they can go out and ski.  Please note, this could happen even tomorrow, Friday 11/20, so if you are one that will need equipment, please check on the blog throughout the day and we will have a google form for everyone to fill out and we will also have assigned times to pick up.  

The biggest reason for this is that if we are not starting until later in December or early January, we know that there could be snow out there, so we would like for everyone to get on snow.  We will put some videos on the blog for those that will be new this year on the basics of skating, classic, and even waxing.  So please keep an eye on the blog for anything that can help the First Years, but also those that are wanting a refresher before the season starts.  Also, Three Rivers could be opening Elm Creek soon, and so long as you are a student that is going to be on the team and bring your school ID, you will not be charged to ski there.  How long they will offer this after yesterday's changes, I am not sure, but until we hear otherwise, it is a great opportunity to get out and ski.  

Lastly, with all that is going on and the uncertainty, it is very easy to give up on being able to ski/race this year and to be sucked into the idea of just sitting on the couch all day and not being active.  Studies have shown that exercise is a great stress relief, and if can convince yourself to stay active, do something every day and be prepared for when the season starts, that once we do get going you will be ready and won't have to fight it.  Stay Positive, work to the best of your ability, and have fun!!

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