Monday, November 30, 2020

Google Classroom

 Good Morning,

I am wanting to get in touch with you all to have you or your skier contact me through email, messenger, or texting, and I will send a code for our Google Classroom page for the skiers.  Some already are, but still connect with me just in case, for they will need to use their school emails to get in.  We are able to be in contact with our athletes through virtual means (non-mandatory) and one thing we as coaches and the team leaders would like to do is have a weekly Google Meet to discuss things and answer any questions that anyone has. These are not mandatory meetings, just another way to be in contact with the skiers.  However, this is for the skiers, so sorry parents, no account for you, but once we do get closer to the start of the season, we will host a parent meeting through the Classroom as well.

Our first virtual gathering will be on Tuesday at 3:30 and at that time we will discuss what day(s) will work best.



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