Thursday, December 31, 2020

Updated Guidelines for the Season

Here is a link to the updated Guidelines from the State High School League that we are needing to follow this season. Please note that these are only for this upcoming season and may also change as the season progresses.  Also, not all of these are going to make sense to everyone, or you may disagree completely with them, but please remember that this is what we have been asked to do and we will follow these guidelines to the best of our abilities so that the skiers have the best opportunity to have a full season in which they are able to improve and have fun.

I will continue to go through these guidelines and make adjustments to team rules to fit better.  One thing of note, with regards to face masks, which will be mandatory at all times, even during practice and meets, I am suggesting that everyone have a mask for before and after practice, while at the school or on the bus, and then a neck gator/buff for practices/races.  The nice thing about the gator/buffs is that it can help keep the face safe on the very cold days, but they will get sweaty and breathing through them will make them get wet and/or frozen, so having a mask for after practice that is dry will be important.  To help, we will be getting gators/buffs from the school so that everyone has an extra one.  These will be purchased by the school, thus a fee we will not have to cover.  This will be a challenge and at times difficult, but we are strongly wanting everyone to have them on at all times.

On a separate note, we were given a heads up that Section Meets will be held during the week of March 1st.  The State High School League has not posted all of the information yet, but once we find out how it will work, we will let everyone know and make sure that the skiers are prepared for it.

Thanks and have a safe and Happy New Years,

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