Thursday, February 4, 2021

Friday and Saturday

Couple of updates for the next two days of practice. We will be moving the location for Friday’s practice to the campground due to the high winds.  As for Saturday, we would like for the skiers to do their goal workout of long hill repeats, at locations like Battle Creek in St Paul or Theo Wirth in Minneapolis, however, with the temps and winds that we are to have, we want this to be where families discuss and skiers do the workout if the family is comfortable with the conditions. For us as coaches, the safety of the skiers is first and we would not want to put a skier out in tough conditions if a family is not comfortable with it. We will discuss this with the skiers tomorrow, Friday, at practice, emphasizing the importance of health over skiing in something that could possibly be dangerous to them, as well as give them alternatives they can do at home.

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