Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Girls NWSC Results

Positives, so many positives.  In trying to think about what to say about the Girl's chance to ski the NWSC Meet today, the biggest thing that keeps coming back to me is "positive." 

The course was not easy, the conditions were not easy, and so many other things that could have made the day completely different than how it turned out were starring them in the face.  The Girl's took 8th today of 12 teams, though after being seeded 9th. What that meant is that the Girl's that skied today put forth everything they could, took all that they have been learning, all that they have within themselves and used it to the best of their abilities, not letting anything bring them down or take them away from what they could and did do. 

It was so fun to watch all 10 Girl's race today, really race, gutting it out up long uphills and pushing up and over so they could get to the finish line as fast as they could.  And what were they like at the finish, happy, proud, positive, and feeling like they did the best that they could, and as I coach and coaching staff, what more could you ask for.  

This is a day that we can use as a whole program, of what is possible when you trust what is in yourself, trust what you have learned, and just put forth an effort you may never have known existed.  We can grow from this, and the Girl's that raced today are great examples and role models for what is possible and how to do it with a smile! 

Lilah G earned All Conference honors by placing 8th overall, and impressing some Champlin Boy's who couldn't believe she double poled the whole Catwalk, but Ilsa H also earned All Conference honors, moving up 10 spots after the first race to tie for 35th overall.  

Overall results can be found at weimertiming.com under NWSC.

Next up, JV at Woodland Trails in Elk River on Wednesday.  Bus leaves at 2:00, Girl's race at 3:30, Boy's at 4:15.

Thanks to all of the parents that were able to be out at the meet today and thank you to the Girl's for all the work you did today.  Let's keep building off of this and see if we can move up some more next week at Sections.


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