Friday, February 26, 2021

JV Results

This past week is a week that was very unpredictable and one that we usually would not have to deal with unless there is an unseasonable warm up.  It could have been an overall week that was a struggle and would effect the direction of the team in a very negative way, but it actually turned into one of the bigger positives that we as a program have had in a number of years, and that was evident with the JV skiers and their race on Wednesday.  They had the opportunity to ski on the challenging trails at Woodland Trails in Elk River again, but also on a day that was near 40 degrees and on real snow, thus the chance for dirty and slushy conditions.  And what came out of that meet were efforts that were impressive.  They took the opportunity to race, worked hard, and enjoyed what it was they were doing.  And even when there was struggle, or someone telling a couple of our boys they were going the wrong way when they were trying to do the short race and ended up on the long course, they did not quit, they kept moving, and were determined to finish no matter what. It shows the character of these athletes and as coaches, its something that makes our jobs easier.  

There is still a possible couple of weeks left, but this team and this season, are so much fun and have so much determination.  They got the opportunity to do one of the most challenging activities and they put full energy into it, they do it with so much optimism, they like being around each other and they are having fun while they get to be on snow.  It makes one smile, and I am glad that what I told them on day 1 to bring a smile every day, was so easy for them to do!!

So, let's finish out the season, let's build off of this, and let's go have some more fun!!


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