Monday, February 1, 2021

Monday Meet Result

The Overall and our Individual results from today's Skate Race at Elm Creek are now posted on the right side of the blog.  Despite racing against Park Center and Spring Lake Park, the Overall results are combined with Blaine, Anoka, and Andover who all raced before us at Elm Creek.  Thus, team and individual results are based on both of those races.

However, the Cardinal skiers held their own and despite having been in their 3rd race in 7 days with a hard workout in there as well, they skied hard all the way to the finish.  The Boy's finished in 3rd out of 6 teams but were 1st in our section.  The Girl's finished in 4th out of the 6 teams there today, 2nd in our section.  Individual times are different than the last time we raced at Elm Creek, but this is due to the fact that they did ski a course today that was about 200 meters longer and part of that was on natural snow, which skis differently and usually slower than man made snow.  So we don't always base how they did on their times.  Today we saw much improvement with our overall stamina, improvements with technique and more comfort with how to race.  We also saw a positive energy and much support from both the Girls and the Boys for one another!! This helps the growth and development of the team more than anything, it makes it fun too!!

Now, though, we take a slight step back, start looking at where we can make improvements with everyone's technique, and spend a couple of days doing some easier skiing and fixing the technical issues that we need to do so everyone can improve.

Thanks again to all of the parents that were out and supporting the skiers and to those that have taken pictures once again.


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