Thursday, February 25, 2021

Practice Locations

Practice today, Thursday, will be at Bunker Memorial and we will be on skate skis.  For Friday we will be at Bunker Campgroud and on our classic skis.  Saturday, the Varsity skiers and anyone that would like to, we would like for them to be go to Theo Wirth to work on some technique and tactical items to get ready for the Section Meet.  There will not be a bus or a set time, however, coaches will be down there and we will work on a time with the skiers to meet up.

Moving forward, it is hard to say where we will be able to ski based on conditions of the trails.  I will try to get a couple of days set up at Elm Creek as back up to make sure we do get on snow.  Also, even though we currently don't have any races planned for those not racing next week, we still would like for everyone to keep coming to practices.  The more time on snow, the more improvements that can be made and every day these skiers are getting better. But, these are not mandatory for those not racing, just an opportunity for them to keep improving.

As coaches we are going to be discussing the end of the season and how we would like to end it as well as when equipment is turned in and an end of season gathering.  As soon as we have it figured out we will let you know.


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