Friday, March 5, 2021

End of Season

With the weather we’ve had for the past week plus, our season is coming to a quick end. After discussing it with the coaches, today, Friday, will be our last organized practice as a team. I will be still having practice with the two state entrants, but we are hoping to go early in the morning at Elm to get on a better conditions. 

We still would like for everyone to get out and ski some more over the weekend as well as the beginning of next week, so we will not collect skis and uniforms until Wednesday after school. We will need for all of the school skis to be cleaned and storage wax applied, so it will take a little time and we want everyone to take care of the skis they used this year. Uniforms and team bibs should be cleaned (air dry both please) and they will be handed in at that time as well.  

Lastly, the end of season gathering will be Monday, March 22nd. We are still finalizing all of the details and will have that for everyone on Wednesday.

Thanks to all of the fun, all of the support, and all of the hard work!! It’s been a great season and we will have some more fun to end things today!!

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