Sunday, December 10, 2017

Monday/Tuesday Practice

So the weather has not been ideal so far this season, so there is a strong chance that our meet on Wednesday will be cancelled, but Saturday's still looks like a go and we are working on putting one together for Thursday at Mora. Once that is figured, we will let you know the details.
But, with that, practices are going to be more of a wait and see what happens throughout the week. What we do know though, is we will be going to Rum River Central on Monday to pole run hills to work a bit on our stride work as well as get a good workout in.
On Tuesday we are wanting to take the first years and some of the second years and work on their classic technique out in the pit, and those returners that are able to, we would like for them to go to Elm Creek and get an hour of double skiing in, for endurance and strength. If there are returners that we would like to go to Elm but they cannot, then they will be with the rest of the team, which will still be beneficial to their improvements.
This is far from what we would like to do, but we are sort of stuck, and Three Rivers Parks, as well as Wirth, are not allowing team practices at this time. If something changes, we will do what we can to get out as a team.
Thanks for your support and any questions, let me know,

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