Monday, December 11, 2017

Wednesday Meet Cancelled

It was originally brought to our attention that our meet on Wednesday was going to be cancelled over the weekend, but they also brought forth the chance that something might happen to allow the race to move forward.  That is not going to happen, and I am working on getting us up to Mora to do a race on Thursday.  They are going to get back to me soon to let us know if this can happen.  For those that don't know, Mora does make their own snow and do a great job of supporting those that want to make use of their trails.  I will let you know if this does go through as soon as I hear.
Also, we are still a go for our race in Winona on Saturday, with the distance still up in the air.  Winona makes their own snow as well, and have a great community that does what they can to make events happen.  We should know by this time tomorrow if everything will happen and what the distances will be.

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