Thursday, December 19, 2019

Hyland Skate Results

Our individual and the Overall Meet Results are now posted on the right side of the blog!

Congratulations to Abby Ellenbecker for her 3rd straight win, cruising to a 25 second win to help lead the Girls team.  Despite being short-handed and finishing 5th of 6 teams, the Girls held their own and were only a few points out of 3rd place.  Lilah Gilyard gained a top 10 performance and Josie Ingvaldson finished in the top 15!  We are having to rely on a lot of 1st and 2nd year Girls right now, but they are handling it well and wanting to be up there.

On the Boy's side, Josh Thoen, 4th, Jared Heida, 5th, Noah Christiansen, 9th, Myles Gilyard, 15th and Ricky Petroff 16th, helped the team finish in a solid 2nd place, not too far out of first.  The Boy's are starting to show consistency.  This is a big positive, but one that can still be improved on.

Solid day despite the cold temps and wind.  We as coaches can tell that it is wearing on the skiers a bit, but they are still putting in good efforts.


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