Friday, December 20, 2019

Winter Camp Information

2019 Nordic Skiing Winter Camp

Each year we offer skiers a chance to improve their skiing and get some time in on some great snow trails up north.  It also gives the team a chance to relax, have fun, and get better acquainted.

We will leave for Winter Camp at 7:00am on Saturday, December 28 and will return about 6:00pm on Monday, December 30.  An approximate itinerary is given on the back of this sheet (some of the locations and workouts may change depending on the snow conditions).  We will be spending most of our evening time at the Holiday Inn Express and Suites in Hayward, WI, where cell range is sometimes limited, so if you need to get a hold of your child, your best option could be to call the Hotel, 715-634-0700. 

Students should bring their own healthy breakfasts and lunches and snacks in a cooler that stays in the equipment trailer on the trip up or bring money to buy stuff at the store or restaurants at the hotel.  Minimal spending money is needed unless they want to buy things.  There is a continental breakfast available by the hotel, but bringing their own is still something to consider.

Students are expected to pack the following items: Plenty of warm clothing (layers are best) and personal items for three days (don’t forget that toothbrush & deodorant, please!!), a warm winter coat, winter boots (to be worn on your feet on the bus), PJ’s, water bottle/sports drink, Skis, Kick Wax, Poles, and Ski Boots, cooler.  Remember that most everything will go into the equipment trailer.  You may want to take homework, a camera, a healthy snack for the bus ride, headphones.  Consider marking the items you want back!  Be sure to bring a positive attitude, and your CRHS pride and manners. (Videos for the evenings should be pre-approved by the coaches.)

On the return trip we will stop at Forest Lake for a quick rest stop and phone calls home to parents.  Please be sure to meet your students at CRHS about 20 minutes after they call!  (We’re all tired and anxious to get home by then.)  It helps if you park in the stalls rather than along the curb while you wait.  All students are expected to stay and help until ALL equipment is unloaded and properly put away.  We’re a team and teammates stick together (Yes, parents can helps!!)

Tentative Winter Camp Schedule

Saturday, Dec. 28                   6:30am           Get skis from ski room.  Load bus &
Trailer, check for boots
                                            7:00am           Leave for Hayward
                                            10:00am         Arrive at “00” or Birkie Trailhead
                                             10:15pm        Classic: Warm up Drills then Classic
12:30              Lunch            
                                            2:00                Put on Skate Ski’s, Drills, ski until 5:00
                                            6:00pm           Dinner (Provided by Parents: soup,
                                            10:00pm        Lights Out
Sunday, Dec. 29                7:00am           Wake Up and eat
                                             8:00am           Head out to Birke Trailhead
(Skate Skiing, Varsity, some JV Start at Cable, head to Hayward; First Years, some JV, start at ‘00’ and head to Hayward)
                                              12:00pm        Lunch Break at Fish Hatchery Cabin
                                              1:00pm           First Years/JV Go Classic Skiing
                                              2:00pm           Varsity/JV Go Classic Skiing
                                              4:00pm           Ski’s Off
                                              6:00pm           Dinner (Provided by Booster Club)
                                              10:00pm        Lights Out
Monday, Dec. 30                   7:00am           Wake up and eat, then pack things up
                                                                        And bring to trailer
                                              8:30am           Head to Timberland Trails
                                                                        Classic Drills then hill repeats
                                              12:30am         Meet for lunch
                                              1:30pm           Meet on trails
                                                                        Skate (Will decide depending on how
                                                                        Everyone feels and has been
                                                                        Then on your own
                                              3:30pm           Ski’s off, get ready for trip home
                                              4:00pm           Head home
                                              5:45pm           Call ahead from Forest Lake for rides
                                              6:00pm           Arrive at CRHS, unload bus & trailer

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