Thursday, December 3, 2020

Season Update and 3 Rivers Passes

Some of you may have been aware of this, but the State High School League met today to discuss start of season dates with the current situation within the State.  The basics are this, as soon as the Pause order is lifted by the Governor, sports will resume.  So, in the current situation, if Dec. 19 comes and the order is lifted, we would start on Monday, Dec. 21. However, they also have cleared two other dates to start seasons if the pause is continued, and those being Jan 4th and Jan 18th.  With this the season would go into March.  I have heard two separate dates that our season would go to, one being March 13th, the other March 27th.  For most sports, that won't be a problem, for us, it would be all dependent on snow.  I did not hear if this would effect the start of Spring sports, but one would have to guess that they will be pushed out as well.

With all of this, and the continued uncertainty of the start of the season, comes the idea of getting season passes for Three Rivers Parks, which would include Elm Creek and Hyland who both make snow, and when we can and how they would be paid for.  I have been working with our AD on this and trying to come up with a solution, but to be honest there is nothing we can do at this time other than wait for the season to start.  The basics are this; in the past 5 or so years the school district has paid for these passes, as well as Wirth Park passes, but the district is not able to purchase these passes before the season starts, which means that if we start on Dec. 21st, then we would be able to order them at that time, if not until later, then we could not get them until the season starts, mainly because there is not guarantee of a season thus they are not going to purchase something for a sport that might not even have a season.  

The idea of going through a Booster Club was also brought up and then having the school district reimburse them, but there is no guarantee that they would be reimbursed and it would definitely not happen if the season is canceled, but also it is possible that it is an illegal action for the Booster Club to do so.  I know that other schools in our district have gone ahead and used their booster clubs, but I was heavily advised not to due to the possible sanctions that could come out of it if it is an illegal action.

So, what that means is this, once the starts, we will order season trail passes for everyone on the team for Three Rivers Parks, but until that time, you are on your own. If you want to buy a season pass, go ahead, but please note that we will not be able to reimburse you.  The best option is to just pay for daily passes, especially if you are not going that often.  The only other thing I can say is to pray for lots of snow and some colder temps.  


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