Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Schedule Changes

There have been a couple of changes/updates for our schedule.  We were just notified that our Conference Meet will be on Feb 22 and Feb 23, with the Boys on the 22nd and Girls on the 23rd.  How the format will be and the time is still to be determined.  Chances are that this will be similar to how our Conference Meet was run in the Fall with 3-4 teams competing at a specific time slot.  Also, our Section Meet will be during the week of Mar 1st.  No further details at this time for what day or the format.  

One thing of note, these changes do take away one of our regular season meets, so I will be working to figure out a new option, as well as make sure we get another meet in for those that may not be in the Conference Meet.  Once I find out more info and figure a meet, I will let everyone know.


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