Sunday, January 10, 2021

Workouts for the Week of Jan 11

Here are the locations and technique for the week ahead. One thing of note, for the high school skiers that are able to drive to practice, and don't have to wait for a younger sibling in middle school, we would like for them to be at the location by 3:00 and start skiing their warm up.  This will give them a few more K every week but also allow us to get going with the workout sooner.  If you are one that needs to take the bus or middle schooler that has to wait until class is done, the bus will still leave from the high school at 3:15 and we will still meet by 3:30 at the location.

Lastly, if you are purchasing a team jacket, the online store will close tonight, Sunday.  

Monday: Bunker Golf Course Parking Lot 1, Classic; Virtual Strength Training at 5:45
Tuesday: Greenhaven Golf Course (Anoka), Skate
Wednesday: Bunker Campground/Nordic Center, Skate; Virtual Strength Training at 5:45
Thursday: Bunker Memorial, Skate
Friday: Bunker Memorial, Classic
Saturday: We are holding off before we decide where and what the workout for Saturday will be due to the weather.  With warmer temps again this week, we want to make sure there is still plenty of snow for what we would like to do and where as well.  When we get closer we will let everyone know,


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