Sunday, January 17, 2021

Workouts for the Week of Jan 18

Here are the locations and techniques for this upcoming coming week.  We will be handing out uniforms after practice on Tuesday at the high school as well as waxing everyone's skis for the race.  Please note that we will be having our first meet on Wednesday at Elm Creek.  

Please read over the Guidelines posted on the right side of the blog, but also note the changes for spectators:


• Signage, flags, etc. must be used to designate spectator areas. (This is partially up to what Elm Creek will allow us to have) 

• When spectators are permitted at the event, they must not have access to student-athletes and must be restricted to areas outside of the competition area. 

• Team camp areas should be isolated from spectators or other non-essential personnel. Team camps must be only available to members of that specific team, and not a shared/common space. Social distancing requirements of 6 feet must be maintained in these areas. 

• There must be a restricted area at the finish that keeps spectators away, so they do not interfere with the "quick exit" of each athlete. This area should maintain distance between spectators, athletes, and officials. 

Monday: (8:45 bus, 9:00 meet at Rum River Central north of Anoka), Skate (hope to be back to the school around 11:00), Strength Training on your own, workout will be posted on the Classroom pages
Tuesday: Skate, Bunker Memorial, Uniform sign out and Team Waxing after practice at the High School.
Wednesday: Skate Race at Elm Creek, bus leaves at 2:00, Boys race at 3:30, Girls race at 4:15

Varsity/JV: 5K; First Years: 2.5K or 5K (your choice!!)

3:30 - First 8 Boys for each team, 2 from each school every 20 seconds

3:40 - Second 8 for each team 

3:50 - Third 8 for each team

4:15 - First 8 Girls for each team, 2 from each school every 20 seconds

4:25 - Second 8 for each team 4:35 - Third 8 for each team

Thursday: Classic, Bunker Memorial, Virtual Strength Training at 5:45
Friday: Classic, Bunker Golf Course, Parking Lot 1
Saturday: TBD (Our Saturday workouts this year are about the skiers getting together with each other and getting out to get some K's (miles) in on their skis. We will occasionally have harder workouts depending on what is coming up for races)

Please remember to continue to put the time in on the fundraising!!!


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