Friday, February 19, 2021

Conference Line Up

Here is the line up for next Monday for the boys and Tuesday for the girls. First race, classic, will be at 1:00 on both days, and the second race at 1:40, skate, on both days. 

Boys: Josh, Ryan, Aaron, Peyton, Ricky, Jennings, Jacob C, Caleb, Joey, Eli

Girls: Lilah, Ilsa, Zoe, Josie, Ava, Tara, Akala, Julia, Katrina

Spectators are allowed but once again not in the team area or the start/finish area. Both races will be on the same course and will be about 3.2k long (Catwalk, North Finger, Trail 18). I will put a map on this weekend. 

Those that are racing on Monday will wax on Sunday at the high school at 2:00. All those racing on Tuesday and Wednesday will wax after practice on Monday (normal practice time at 3:30). For anyone that will be waxing on their own, Wirth does not allow any Fluoro waxes, so we will not be using any.

All those that are not on this list will be racing on Wednesday at Woodland Trails in Elk River, first race at 3:30.

More information will be posted this weekend, but don’t want to overload everyone with everything that is happening!



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