Sunday, February 21, 2021

Conference Meet Details

Here are some last minute details for Monday and Tuesday's NWSC Meet.
- Boys will be at 1:00 (Classic) and 1:40 (Skate) on Monday and will be racing against Anoka and Spring Lake Park.  Bus will leave at 11:00.
- Girls will be at 1:00 (Classic) and 1:40 (Skate) on Tuesday and will be racing against Blaine and Champlin Park. Bus will leave at 11:00.
- No one will be allowed into the Trailhead, and no teams camps will be allowed inside either.  We will have both of our tents set up near the Start/Finish area.
- Spectators are allowed but in the Start/Finish area or team camps.
- Parking may be in the Lots by the Trailhead or further down by the Chalet. Parking will open up as other teams/spectators leave.
- No results will be posted until all 4 sections have been completed.  You will be able to find the results at the following link:, thus there will not be an awards ceremony.  All Conference Medals (which is the top 36 combined times) will be sent to us at a later date.
- Team scoring will consist of each teams top 6 skiers, but all skiers will be given points, thus push other teams scores lower. Unlike in CC Running, high score wins (1st place gets 120 points, 2nd 119 ...).
- The course has changed due to some changes that Wirth has done to their course.  The new course is to go straight out and to the left on Green Meadow, cut back onto Ridgeline (the Catwalk), North Finger and back to the Stadium (Maps of Trails at Theo Wirth).
- Once the team is completed with their race, they will be expected to leave right away, including spectators to keep the number of people at Wirth low.

As for the rest of the team and the rest of the week, on Monday there will be a regular practice, bus leaving at 3:15, starting practice at 3:30, Skate at Bunker Campground.
On Tuesday, All Boys and any JV girl will be practicing at Bunker Campground, bus leaving at 3:15, starting at 3:30, Skate.
Wednesday, JV race at Woodland Trails in Elk River (Varsity will come to do their workout as well).  Bus leaves at 2:00, first race at 3:30, skiers will have their choice of skate or classic.
Thursday and Friday we will be at Bunker Golf Course, technique to be determined depending on the weather.

I think this is everything.  Hope to see some of you out on the trails this week!!

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