Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Wednesday Results, Thursday Start List

Our Individual times and the Overall Results from today's race are now posted on the right side of the blog.We will discuss the races after tomorrow, but we are off to a good start.  The Boy's are in 2nd place and the Girl's are in 3rd, but close behind Blaine.  One thing of note with today's and tomorrow's race, is that even though we will not be doing a true pursuit race (starting tomorrow where you finished behind the leader today), the times of both races will be combined since we are going against Blaine and Champlin Park both days.  Tomorrow is skate, with the Boy's at 3:00 and the Girls at 3:45.  Below is the start list though.

GirlsWave 1
19Lilah Gilyard
5Ilsa Hoaglund
11Zoe Hoaglund
15Jocelyn Ingvaldson
6Akala Lowe
16Ava Kehr
32Tara Treml
34Katrina Hoggarth
Wave 2
35Stella Bone
27Tessa Del Fratte
8Julia Dutton
43Kendall Martinek
30Anna Winter
33Megan Fuller
29Liz Hoggarth
7Jordyn Campbell
BoysWave 1
1Joshua Thoen
28Aaron Casey
9Ryan Powley
2Peyton Martinek
25Ricky Petroff
4Jennings Jurmu
37Jacob Casey
21Eli Christiansen
Wave 2
12Lachlan Demmer
18Jaxon Lahner
13Orion Carter
23Caleb Chesser
22Albi Ludwig
10Anthony Ludwig
17Joey Dunn
Wave 3
3Nathan Bornes
24Jacob Thoen
14Gavin Lowe
20Parker Ulsby

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