Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Wednesday Start List

Below is the start list for Wednesday's races at Bunker Memorial.  Girls start at 3, Boys at 3:45.  Also, one thing of note for Thursday's races at Greenhaven, the order has switched from what I posted yesterday, Boys are now at 3:00 and the Girls are at 3:45.  With both days though, please remember to stay out of the team area as well as the Start/Finish line.

GirlsWave 1
19Lilah Gilyard
5Ilsa Hoaglund
11Zoe Hoaglund
15Jocelyn Ingvaldson
6Akala Lowe
16Ava Kehr
32Tara Treml
34Katrina Hoggarth
Wave 2
35Stella Bone
27Tessa Del Fratte
8Julia Dutton
43Kendall Martinek
30Anna Winter
33Megan Fuller
29Liz Hoggarth
7Jordyn Campbell
BoysWave 1
1Joshua Thoen
28Aaron Casey
9Ryan Powley
2Peyton Martinek
25Ricky Petroff
4Jennings Jurmu
37Jacob Casey
21Eli Christiansen
Wave 2
12Lachlan Demmer
18Jaxon Lahner
13Orion Carter
23Caleb Chesser
22Albi Ludwig
10Anthony Ludwig
17Joey Dunn
Wave 3
3Nathan Bornes
24Jacob Thoen
14Gavin Lowe
20Parker Ulsby

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