Friday, December 22, 2017

Message from Coach Nelson

10:07 a.m. Friday.  Here's the latest on today's schedule.  Every varsity skier who wants to do the weight room today can do so.  Remember that if you go into the weight room you are expected to do the work.
I called Elm and they have space for about 10-12 skiers from CR.  That is for the 2:45 to 4:15 slot.  (Maple Grove will be there too.)  Same notion as for the weight room: If you opt to go to Elm, don't stand around.  Get on the hills and get your work in.  And no more than a dozen of you, please. Display your season pass.  Elm and Maple Grove are granting us a favor. Coach Mollie, can you meet any CR skiers at Elm?
First-years and anyone who wants to do some technique work at school can go to The Pit with me. You decide what you want to work on, be it classic or skate.
We will be done well before 5:00 in light of last night's long haul, last day of school etc, etc.
Wirth is out of the question today.  They are packed.

Heggie's $ can still go to Maddie in school today, I believe. Amy?


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