Monday, April 27, 2020

Summer Rollerski Rentals

We will again be renting out our rollerskis for the summer at $25 a pair (to help pair for new wheels), but due to the virus, we currently are not able to take anything out of the school.  I did discuss this with our AD today and he mentioned that he is not sure when, but that we will be able to get in and get things.  Once I hear that we can get in, I will let everyone know and we will then set up a day/time/location to pick up rollerskis.  We will also check out poles, so if you are going to need those you will need to let me know when we had out rollerskis so I can make sure I have them.

Thanks and any questions, let me know,

Friday, April 17, 2020

Birkie Quarantine Training Challenge

Skiers, looking for something to do that can be ski specific, help you get ready for the season as well as get you a shirt, then check out the Birkie Quarantine Training Challenge: Be safe, but get out there and challenge yourselves as well!