Iron Depletion and Ferritin Levels

Healthy Athlete Information
Parents please discuss information with your athlete and share with your physician.
These are some articles to help you better understand the workings of our bodies and what can happen when we are low on Iron or are considered to be anemic.  If you have any questions about any of this, please discuss with us as well as your doctor.

Are your ferritin levels up to speed?
Iron Depletion: What you and your doctor need to know
Impact of Iron Depletion without Anemia on Performance in Trained Endurance Athletes
Iron and Low ferritin levels but not Low Hemoglobin Levels
Iron-Rich Foods to Eat
The Female Athlete Triad
Iron Deficiency in Distance Runners
Physiological and Biomechanical Studies of Muscle Dysfunction
The Effect of Iron Therapy on the Exercise Capacity of Non-anemic, Iron-Deficient, Adolescent Runners

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