Sunday, January 31, 2021

Week of Feb 1, 2021

Below is the basic information for the week ahead.  This is going to be an all Classic week after tomorrow's race.  One thing of note, I still have not received information on if the Boys or the Girls are starting first on Monday, despite asking the school in charge for that information.  As soon as I get confirmation I will let everyone know.  Also, at the bottom is the order that our skiers will go out, just not the times yet.  Any questions, let me know,

Monday, Skate Race at Elm Creek, Bus at 2:30, First race at 4:00, Second race at 4:45
Tuesday, Classic at Bunker Campground
Wednesday, Classic at Bunker Campground
Thursday, Classic at Bunker Memorial
Friday, Classic at Bunker Golf Course, Parking Lot 1
Saturday, Goal Workout, still piecing this together but it will be a classic workout that will be harder, preferably long hill repeats.

Skier Order for Monday Races:
BoysWave 1GirlsWave 1
1Joshua Thoen19Lilah Gilyard
2Peyton Martinek11Zoe Hoaglund
28Aaron Casey5Ilsa Hoaglund
9Ryan Powley15Jocelyn Ingvaldson
25Ricky Petroff16Ava Kehr
21Eli Christiansen6Akala Lowe
37Jacob Casey34Katrina Hoggarth
4Jennings Jurmu32Tara Treml
Wave 2Wave 2
23Caleb Chesser27Tessa Del Fratte
12Lachlan Demmer35Stella Bone
18Jaxson Lahner43Kendall Martinek
13Orion Carter8Julia Dutton
17Joey Dunn30Anna Winter
22Albi Ludwig7Jordyn Campbell
10Anthony Ludwig29Liz Hoggarth
Wave 333Megan Fuller
24Jacob Thoen
3Nathan Bornes
20Parker Ulsby
14Gavin Lowe

Mora Results/Monday Race

Overall and Individual results from yesterday's Mora Races are now posted on the right side of the blog.  It was a fun day, one that made the season feel more like a regular one, with multiple races, and even though it was an all day event and can get long, it didn't feel rushed like many of our other races this year.  The skiers got to see different teams; got to ski on a different course; got to do different races.  It's a nice change, and it was fun to watch all of them put in a solid effort and work all the way to the finish!!  Thanks to all of the parents that were able to be there and for those that have taken photos and put them on Facebook!

Next up is a race at Elm Creek tomorrow, Monday.  This is a Skate race that will start at 4:00, with the bus leaving at 2:30. The schedule is below with this being a 1 lap course and will be on their lighted trails, so if it does start to get dark before they all finish, the skiers will still be able to see.  However, at this moment I have not been told if the Boys or the Girls will be going first.  Once I find that out I will let everyone know.  I will also put out information on the rest of the week later today.  

4:00 - First 8 Girls/Boys for each team, 2 from each school every 20 seconds
4:05 - Second 8 for each team 
4:10 - Third 8 for each team

4:45 - First 8 Boys/Girls for each team, 2 from each school every 20 seconds
4:50- Second 8 for each team
4:55 - Third 8 for each team

Any questions, please let me know,

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Mora Line-Up

Sorry I didn’t change the bus time on the schedule, but the bus will be leaving at 9:00am on Saturday. Here is the line-up for Saturday with the start times.  If you are driving up, please be there 1 hour before their scheduled start time.  Also, the Start/Finish line is located north of Mora and north of the Vasaloppet center.  Please take Hwy 65 through Mora for a couple of miles and then take a left onto county road 70 and parking will be on the left.  If you are one that wants to ski, you can also park at the Vasaloppet center and ski up to the start, just use the map in the previous post.

Boys JH 11:00Skate or Classic
Albi Ludwig
Jacob Thoen
Gavin Lowe
Parker Ulsby
Lachlan Demmer
Girls JH 11:20Skate or Classic
Megan Fuller
Stella Bone
Kendall Martinek
Liz Hoggarth
Anna Winter
Tessa Del Fratte
Boys JV 12:40Skate or Classic
Anthony Ludwig
Nate Bornes
Orion Carter
Joey Dunn
Girls JV 1:10Skate or Classic
Jordyn Campbell
Ava Kehr
Julia Dutton
Katrina Hoggarth
Akala Lowe
Boys Varsity 1:40
Ryan PowleyClassic
Ricky PetroffClassic
Aaron CaseySkate
Josh ThoenSkate
Jacob CaseyClassic
Jaxon LahnerClassic
Eli ChristiansenSkate
Jennings JurmuSkate
Girls Varsity 2:25
Lilah GilyardClassic
Tara TremlClassic
Zoe HoaglundSkate
Ilsa HoaglundSkate

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Tuesday Meet Results

A quick reminder to please fill out the Google Form on the previous post in regards to the Mora Race this weekend.  We need to know as soon as possible so we can set up our line-up and get everyone ready.

The Overall results from yesterday's classic race at Woodland Trails in Elk River are now posted on the right side of the blog.  One thing of note that is different with these results is that there are actually 3 different sets of results for both the Boy's and the Girl's; one set is for the 3 teams that raced before we did, one set for us and the two teams we skied against, and one is combining all 6 teams.  

Yesterday was by far a much more challenging day for the skiers than their first meet.  There were by far more hills and more challenging hills and see the skiers at the end of the race you could tell they were exhausted, not to mention their times were much slower.  But it was a good day for classic skiing and they worked to the finish.  The Boy's finished in 2nd in our 3 team race and 3rd out of 6 with the top 5 scoring.  The Girl's finished in 3rd of our 3 teams racing and 6th overall.  There is a lot of youth and inexperience on both teams this year, so we know we have some work to do, but knowing and seeing what these skiers have done so far, I am sure they will continue to step it up and push to get better!!

Thanks to all of the parents and family members that were able to make it!  Even with restrictions, it is fun to have people out cheering and supporting on the skiers!! Thanks also to any of the parents that do post pictures on the Facebook page!!


Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Mora Race Info

Good Evening,
Our individual results are posted on the right side of the blog.  Once the overall results are sent to me I will post those as well.

A quick reminder that the Pizza Fundraising is due tomorrow, Wednesday, Jan 27.  Please bring all orders to pracitce.

Saturday is the Mora Race and below is information for the race.  A couple of items though to go with this information.  If there are conflicts with being able to go, please let us know, it is not a problem. Due to the schedule, as well as it being on a Saturday, we are asking everyone to please fill out this Form to let us know if, 1. your skier(s) is going to make the meet, and 2. if they would be riding the bus.  Skiers are allowed to ride up with their parents and do not need to be there at the very beginning or stay to the very end.  If you do drive up separately we just ask that the skier(s) is there 1 hour before their race time.  Once we know who will be going on Saturday, we will then post who will be in which events so everyone knows when they will be skiing.

Any questions, please let me know, but I will also be posting more information as the week progresses.

Date: Jan 30, 2021

Location: Vasaloppet Nordic Center Trails (Park Buses at North End Snowmaking Depot off CR 70- see map)

Teams: Mora, Winona, Coon Rapids


11:00 Boys JH 3km Wave Start (Either technique- separate results)

11:20 Girls JH 3km Wave Start (Either technique- separate results)

12:40 JV boys 4km Wave Start (Either technique- separate results)

1:10 JV Girls 4km Wave Start (Either technique- separate results)

1:40 V Boys 4x3km Mass start (2 relays from each school) (2 Classic 2 Skate)

2:25 V Girls 4x 3km Mass start (2 relays from each school) (2 Classic 2 Skate)


There are no buildings on the North End Parking lot- we will have 3-4 porta-potties available. The Nordic Center (~3km ski from start line) has indoor bathrooms.  Spectators can park either at the Nordic Center or the North End Depot, they are encouraged to use skis or snowshoes to get out on the trail to watch the races.


Spectators are encouraged to bring skis or snowshoes to move out on the trail system instead of congregating near the start/finish area. The area around the start/finish area will be a masks-required area for skiers and coaches only.  Spectators are required to wear masks while on the course.  MSHSL rules state that spectators must be 12 feet from competitors (waaay off the trail) at all times and at least 6 ft from other family groups. Please abide by these rules.

Monday, January 25, 2021

Tuesday Race Info

Here is some more race info that was sent to us today for tomorrow's races at Woodland Trails in Elk River.  One thing to also note, there is a race before ours, so there will be others there when we arrive:

Couple more things guys, for parking, the lot has been very full all year. I am blocking off a couple parking spaces so that your buses can come in, make a loop, and drop off your kids, and then get back out and park at the golf course until your race is done. 

Parents coming to watch, or your kids if they are driving themselves, might end up parking kind of far away up the entrance road, or at the golf course. We will see how many people show up. 

The course will be clearly marked with cones so no one skis the wrong way. 

1 Lap:

3:45 - First 8 Girls for each team, 2 from each school every 20 seconds
3:50 - Second 8 for each team 
3:55 - Third 8 for each team

4:30 - First 8 Boys for each team, 2 from each school every 20 seconds
4:35- Second 8 for each team
4:40 - Third 8 for each team

Only one porta-potty, so keep that in mind too. 

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Workouts for the Week of Jan 25

Here are the basics for this week for practice and the meets.  The next 8 days are going to be a very busy week, with 3 races, waxing on two days, and one hard workout.  However, after the 1st (next Monday), we will have a much more spread out schedule for us to be more relaxed and focus on some areas.  This next week will allow us to see what we are doing well and what we need to improve on, thus focus more on those areas than we have been able to in the past.  

I have not received very much detail on the meets for Tuesday or Saturday as of right now, but as soon as I do I will post it.

Monday, Classic at Bunker Memorial.  Team waxing after practice at the high school.  This will take about 10 mins longer per skier this week due to having to clean out kick zones and putting on what is called a base binder for better kick performance.
Tuesday, Classic race at Woodland Trails in Elk River (directions below).  Bus leaves at 2:30. Girls at 3:45, Boys at 4:30
Wednesday, Skate at Bunker Memorial
Thursday, Skate: for those Varsity that can will go to Woodland Trails (much more challenging terrain, others will get similar work in at Bunker just not as big of hills); Bunker Campground for everyone else.
Friday, Skate at Bunker Golf Course.  Team waxing after practice at the high school.  This will be a longer wax session since we would like to get a hard wax into their skis before the wax of the day.  
Saturday, Mora Race at Mora Vasaloppet Center in Mora, MN.  Bus leaves at 8:00am (more info to come, including directions)

Woodland Trails: Highway #10 West, through downtown Elk River, to Proctor Ave. Turn north (right) and follow road as it veers left after the Jr. High, becoming County #1/Elk Lake Road NW. Continue for about 2 miles and take a right at Woodland Trails, just beyond club house. The parking lot is next to the start/finish line. (If the lot is full when you arrive, there will be parking available at the Golf Course).


Friday, January 22, 2021

Saturday Workouts

Good Morning,

Here is a goal workout for the skiers to do this weekend if they are able to.  Once again, these are not mandatory nor are we have a set time or location to do them if the skiers are able to.  We want them to go some place that is comfortable for them, but also ski with those that are their friends and will make it fun.  When we do have a scheduled Saturday practice, we will have a bus and we will let everyone know in advance.

I will explain this to the skiers today in detail, but if there are any questions, please let me know,

In groups, their choice of location (preferably hills, but ER is not available until after noon because of a race)
Varsity: hour of no pole, 30 min with
JV and more advanced first years: 45 min no pole, 30 min with
First Years that still need time: 30 min no pole, 30 min with
Break up the no pole any way you choose.  You can do it all at once, go in 10 min segments with 5 min segments of with pole work, or any way that works for you.

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Wednesday Results

The Overall Results from yesterday's race at Elm Creek are now posted on the right side of the blog.  The Boy's finished 1st in a very close team race, with the top 7 skiers getting points and the top 5 counting, while the Girl's finished in 3rd.

Knowing that we have been practicing only for 2 and a half weeks and trying to get everyone up to speed, yesterday was a very positive first step for this season.  There were smiles every where, efforts were high, and they all fought to the end.  It is fun as coaches when we see so many being positive and just going out and skiing to the best of their ability.  Of course there is still plenty of room for improving, we were far from have a perfect race, but if they continue to build off of what they have been doing so far and the efforts that they put in, both teams will move forward and give themselves the best opportunity to improve and finish as high as possible!

Top finishers went to Josh T, 2nd, and Lilah G, 2nd, to help lead both teams.  The Boys were able to get 4 in the top 9 with Aaron C, 3rd, Peyton M, 8th, and Ryan P, 9th, to lead to the team win.  Ilsa H, 6th, and Zoe H, 8th, also gained top 10 finishes as the Girls showed a lot of improvements on a very young team, not only in age, but in experience.

Not to be forgotten, the First Year skiers had a great first race, as they put in solid efforts across the board.  They all wanted to ski as fast they could and, other than their technique, they did not race like this was their first ski race.  Once they all continue to improve their technique and learn to use the skis better, they will make big improvements and help the team improve.

Next up is a Classic race next week.  This meet was originally schedule for Monday at Elm Creek, but was recently changed to Tuesday at Elk River, with first race starting at 3:45.  Please make sure you are checking the schedule posted on the blog regularly because of possible changes.  


Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Start Order and Bib Numbers

Below is the start order and time they will be going out on the clock as well as their bib number for this year.  Please remember, though, you cannot be down at the start/finish area where most of the spectators have been in the past, nor in the team camp area.


Wave 2
Wave 3
Wave 2
27TessaDel Fratte855:20