Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Looking for Cross Country Runners

We are just a few days away from the start of the 2019 Cross Country Running season!  We are wanting to offer a way for those in Nordic Skiing a way of getting better prepared for the upcoming season. If you are interested, PLEASE sign up! It can be done online through the lock and key icon on the district or school web pages.  It cannot be through a students lock and key though, only the parents.  If need be, you can still sign up the paper way, just print off the paper work on the web page or pick them up at the Activities Office at the High School.

2019 Coon Rapids Boys and Girls Cross Country
Important Items to Start the Season:

1.      Cost for Running is $250 (You can get to where to sign up here: Registration)

2.      Practice begins on Aug. 12
a.       Morning Practice at 8:00am
b.      Evening Practice: Girls at 6:00pm, Boys at 7:00pm

3.      Once school starts, practice will be at 3:15, to accommodate those that are in middle school, meeting in front of the High School

4.      Parent Meeting/Team Time Trial: Aug 22, 5:45pm, Riverview Park, across for the National Little League Park.

5.      Running Camp: Willow River State Park, near Hudson, WI, Aug 23-25.
a.       Cost is $10/person
b.      clothes, shoes, food needed
c.      Parents are welcomed and needed, especially for transportation
d.      Need to know who is going by Friday, Aug. 17 and more info to come once the season starts.

6.      First meet will be on August 29, the District 11 Meet at Anoka High School at 3:00pm (may get moved to the morning if the weather looks to be too hot)

7.      Fundraising
a.       Some Fundraising was done during the summer with water stops of the Firecracker Run over the 4th of July weekend.
b.      For those who were unable to attend or were not apart of the team at the time we would like you to donate $15 to help with the costs that occur during the season (Meets, uniforms)
                                                              i.      This way everyone feels apart of the fundraising

8.      Attendance
a.       If an athlete is absent, a note signed by a parent, teacher, or doctor is needed in order for it to be an excused absence.
                                                              i.      1st unexcused – miss next meet
                                                           ii.      2nd unexcused – miss next two meets
                                                         iii.      3rd unexcused – miss rest of meets, but can still run workouts and be a manager.

9.      Blog Spot: More information will be posted on our blog spot, including upcoming events, practice times/locations, meet schedule, results and records and any changes that may occur throughout the season. You will also be able to sign up to be notified when there are new posts. Just look on the right side of the blog.

Next, here is the schedule for practices for the first week.  We will be doing 2 practices on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday  We know that it is still summer, but we are wanting to get things done and it is easier to do if we break up the practices. 
Any questions, let me know:

Monday AM: 8:00 at CR Dam Visitor Center; PM: Girls at 6:00, Boys at 7:00 at CRHS
Tuesday AM: 8:00 at Bunker Golf Course Parking Lot 1; PM: Girls at 6:00, Boys at 7:00 at CRHS
Wednesday AM: Girls at 8:00, Boys at 9:00 at CR Dam Visitor Center; PM: Girls at 6:00, Boys at 7:00 at CRHS
Thursday AM: Girls at 8:00, Boys at 9:00 at Moor Park; PM: Girls at 6:00, Boys at 7:00 at CRHS
Friday AM: 8:00 at CR Dam Visitor Center