Monday, February 25, 2019

MyXC Festival & Championships

There are still plenty of chances for the skiers to get out and ski as well as race.  Check out the Race Calendar on for up to date races.  With the snow not going anywhere any time soon, expect races to pop up.

One good possible option for a race(s) is this coming weekend, the MyXC Festival and Championships at Theo Wirth.  Check out the following for more details:

Reminder that the banquet is this coming Thursday at the City Center.  Check out the previous blog post on all of the details.

Any questions, let me know,

Thursday, February 21, 2019


For skiers, if you have not done the survey on our classroom page, please do so, this is a district survey and is mandatory. Thanks!!

Friday, February 15, 2019

State Meet

Congratulations to Abby Ellenbecker as she finished off the 2018-2019 Nordic season for the Cardinals with her 3rd appearance at the State Meet yesterday!   Even though she didn't have the first race she was hoping for, and conditions getting more challenging with heavy snow falling and strong winds, she kept working and moved up 16 spots in the Classic pursuit to finish in 51st out of 160 girls racing! Great work Abby!

For anyone that is wanting to take their skis home for the next couple of weeks while we have the snow, I will have the ski room open after school today.  Also, we will not turn our uniforms in for a couple of weeks as well in case there are a few that want to do a race or two, which there are plenty still available to compete in.

Thanks for the support,

Tuesday, February 12, 2019


Below is information for this years Banquet.  Any questions, please let me know,

2018-2019 Nordic Ski Banquet
Parents and Skiers
Here is some information for the Nordic Ski Banquet, as we look forward to this opportunity to look back at the season and recognize the athletes and the work they have done.
Date: Thursday, Feb 28, 2019
Location: Coon Rapids City Center
Time: 6:00 start time. Please be there by 5:45 so we are able to start on time!
What to bring: this is a pot luck event. It would be greatly appreciated if you could bring the following suggested items to share.

Seniors: Beverages
Juniors: Salads
Sophomores: Desserts
Freshmen and Under: Main Meal

Silverware and plates will be provided

Please account for the size of the team. We have 49 members on the team this year, and three coaches.

If there are any questions in regards to this, please let me know,
Thanks and see you Thursday, Feb. 28!

Monday, February 11, 2019

JV Conference Results

Our individual results are now posted on the right side of the blog. Once the overall results are posted, I'll put a link up for them.

Tough conditions though for The JV skiers to finish the season on. After skiing on man-made snow most of the season, it was a test of reality as the skiers had to deal with mostly new snow that is much slower than the ice rinks they are used to. Despite the slow conditions, they fought and skied hard, and hopefully had a fun time!

Great Job!

Sunday, February 10, 2019

JV Conference

Tomorrow's JV Conference Meet is at Elm Creek and this is the schedule:
4:00, Girls, Skaters first and then those that are doing Classic right behind
4:25, Boys, Skaters first and then those that are doing Classic right behind

We are letting those that are racing pick which technique they would like to do.  As for those that are racing tomorrow, those that were not at the Conference Meet, as well as the 3 Boys and 3 Girls that did not race at Sections this week since they were unable to race at Lakeville yesterday.

The bus will be leaving around 2:35, so the high school skiers will not have to get out of class early.

Tuesday will be our last team practice of the season in which we try to have a little fun with doing some relays and games.  Since we are missing out on the Pastry Relays I may try to go get some donuts for them all!

Info on the Banquet will be coming out in the next day or two.

Thanks for all of your support this season!

Thursday, February 7, 2019

No Activities Today

All after school activities have been cancelled for the day (Thursday).  We will do our team voting tomorrow after school.  Still meet down by the ski room.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Section 5 Results

Congratulations to Abby Ellenbecker as you she qualified for her third State Meet at today's Section 5 Meet at Theo Wirth.  She started the day with the 4th fastest Classic leg and held on to finish in 6th after the Skate Pursuit.  She led the Girls to a solid 6th place team finish with Olivia Ellenbecker finishing in 15th.

Josh Thoen started the day with a 10th place finish in the Classic race in a very competitive Boys race.  He ran out of steam in the last half of the Skate leg and finished a solid 17th place as a Freshman.  Jared Heida had the 17th fastest Skate leg as he moved up to 27th place.  The Boys finished in 8th place in what is becoming a very challenging Section.

Overall and Individual Results are now posted on the Blog.

Congratulations also goes out to former Cardinal Skier Matt Swanson who is an Assistant Coach with Mora, as Mora was able to qualify both Boys and Girls teams for next weeks State Meet!

Thanks for all of those that were able to make it out to support the Skiers today and the food that was brought to help the recovery and refueling process!


Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Time Schedule Change

Due to the weather, the meet will be starting later tomorrow.  Below is the new time schedule, with the bus still leaving at 7:30:
10:30 Boys Classic
11:30 Girls Classic
2:00 Boys Skate Pursuit
3:00 Girls Skate Pursuit


Section Meet/Lakeville JV/JR High

Below is a link to the Section Start Lists for tomorrow.  They were sent to us in Odd or Even Lane assignments.  So, those that are an odd number for their start will be on one list and those that are even will be on the other.  Also, here is the time schedule for the meet:
Boys Classic: 10:00
Girls Classic: 11:00
Boys Skate Pursuit: 1:30
Girls Skate Pursuit: 2:30

Boys Odd Lane Numbers
Boys Even Lane Numbers
Girls Odd Lane Numbers
Girls Even Lane Numbers

Same as last week, if you can car pool, that will work best for the limited parking.  The start and finish will be a few minute walk from the main Wirth parking lot, so plan accordingly.  The Main Chalet will not be open but the new Trailhead building is available.  It is possible that each team will have an area to sit, but we are not allowed to bring in crock pots and such. 

Lastly, I got word last night that the Lakeville JV/JR High Meet that was scheduled for this weekend is going to be cancelled.  Even with the predicted snow for this week, they will not have enough time to set up a course and make it safe to have a race.  So, the JV kids will have Monday at Elm Creek as their last race.

Any questions, let me know,

Monday, February 4, 2019

Practice Monday

For the skiers who do look on here, we will be practicing at normal time, 3:15, and we will be going to Bunker.