Thursday, December 31, 2020

Updated Guidelines for the Season

Here is a link to the updated Guidelines from the State High School League that we are needing to follow this season. Please note that these are only for this upcoming season and may also change as the season progresses.  Also, not all of these are going to make sense to everyone, or you may disagree completely with them, but please remember that this is what we have been asked to do and we will follow these guidelines to the best of our abilities so that the skiers have the best opportunity to have a full season in which they are able to improve and have fun.

I will continue to go through these guidelines and make adjustments to team rules to fit better.  One thing of note, with regards to face masks, which will be mandatory at all times, even during practice and meets, I am suggesting that everyone have a mask for before and after practice, while at the school or on the bus, and then a neck gator/buff for practices/races.  The nice thing about the gator/buffs is that it can help keep the face safe on the very cold days, but they will get sweaty and breathing through them will make them get wet and/or frozen, so having a mask for after practice that is dry will be important.  To help, we will be getting gators/buffs from the school so that everyone has an extra one.  These will be purchased by the school, thus a fee we will not have to cover.  This will be a challenge and at times difficult, but we are strongly wanting everyone to have them on at all times.

On a separate note, we were given a heads up that Section Meets will be held during the week of March 1st.  The State High School League has not posted all of the information yet, but once we find out how it will work, we will let everyone know and make sure that the skiers are prepared for it.

Thanks and have a safe and Happy New Years,

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Team Jacket Order

Below is a link to order the team jackets.  The cost this year is $110 and you can place the order and pay online.  These are not mandatory, but is the jacket that most members of the team have and are great for practices (yes, they are thinner, but it is meant for staying warmer and protection from winds) while being active. We would still like everyone to have another warmer jacket to wear after practices that would be dry.

Right now we have the order by date as Sunday, Jan 10, 2021, but we can bump that out if people need more time.  Right now we have that date so we would be able to get the jackets sooner.  It takes about 4 weeks once the orders are started.   If we wait a week we will get them later in the season.  If there are any questions, please let me know,


Jacket Orders
Password: r298

Monday, December 28, 2020

Workout Ideas for the Week of Dec 28

Here are some ideas for workouts as we get ourselves ready to start next week.  If you notice, there are two Time Trial options to do on the weekend.  Please note, this is optional and is really more for those that have been skiing for a few years and have been getting lots of time on snow already this year. 

Also, we were notified today that we are able to have our first meet after Jan 14!!  So, our schedule will be as it currently is with the first meet for us on Wed Jan 20th!  We may move the location of some of these meets since there is enough snow at other locations, but we will wait until we get closer before we make that decision.

Any questions, please let me know,

Remember our pacing: L3 = controlled long-distance race pace. L4 = short distance race pace. Anything in the 2-30 second range = faster than race pace but not all-out sprint (fast and relaxed) 
8 minutes L3 – 2 minutes recovery 
5 minutes L3 with a fast finish (20 seconds hard) – 3 minutes recovery 
4 minutes L4 – 4 minutes recovery 
2 minutes L4 – 4 minutes recovery 
6-8 x 30 seconds – 1-minute recovery between intervals 

Warm Up:
15 minutes easy skiing 
5 minutes L2
15 minutes easy skiing with 5x 20 seconds building in intensity 
Dynamic stretching 

For the first 8- and 5-minute intervals find rolling terrain that will allow you to ski quickly but not anaerobic on the climbs. You can choose harder more challenging climbs to use during the 4 and 2 minute intervals. 
For the 30 second segment use rolling terrain including flats and transitions 

This is an example of a session you should feel pretty good when you are finished not over exerted. Our goal is to log some time in both threshold and L4 but without draining the muscles. The shorter 30 second interval at the end are prefect for practicing fast paces skiing while staying relaxed and working on race technique


Good Morning,

Here are a couple of updates as we are now ONE WEEK away from the start of our season!!  With the new snow we have gotten in the past few days and what we could get tomorrow, we will be on skis on Day 1, using our Skate skis.  Once we get closer to the first day I will put more info out, but we will be starting at 3:15 on Monday and meeting at the ski room.  If everyone could be there as close to 3:00 as possible that will help us get going right away and help anyone with equipment if they need it or need a change.

If you have not registered yet, please make sure you have this done before the first practice.  If you were one that did register back in November, please note that you were refunded at that time and you will need to re-register.

We will have a team virtual meeting today at 3:15 again, please use the links on the Google Classroom pages and we will discuss the workout ideas for this week (which I will post later today) but also go over some of the things to look forward to for next week.  We will also have a team core/strength workout tomorrow, Tuesday, at 5:00 for those that can make it.

Lastly, I am putting together the team jacket order and will hopefully have a link for that posted by the end of the day as well.  These are not mandatory but are something that most of the skiers have and are great for practice.

Thanks, get out and enjoy the snow, and we will see you all soon!!


Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Different Google Meet Link Today

Please have the skiers check their Google Classroom page if they are planning to do the Core/Strength session today at 5:00.  We will be using a different Google Meet link then usual, so they will need to make sure they get onto the correct link.
Any questions or if anyone needs one of the Google Classroom codes, please let me know,

Monday, December 21, 2020

Workout Ideas for the Week of Dec. 21, Tentative Schedule

Here are some workout ideas for this week to continue to help get ready for the season.  These are just ideas and you can adjust them to fit however works best for you.  Also, a good pole run can take the place of a classic workout.  

We are 2 weeks away, so let's hope for some snow!!  Also, there is a tentative Meet schedule now posted on the side of the blog.  It seems much smaller due to the fact of no invites, but I am going to work on getting at least one more with Mora in Mora on Saturday.  Once I have that, I will update the schedule.

Optional Virtual meeting with the skiers today at 3:15 to discuss questions and workouts.  Optional Virtual core/strength meeting Tuesday at 5:00, and we will discuss at that time whether to have another one this week or just post some workout ideas.

Any questions, let me know.  There are a lot of things happening now that will continue to effect the season and things I am still trying to figure out, but we will do what we can to have a positive season!!

Friday, December 18, 2020

Season to Start Jan 4th!!

It is official, the season will be starting on Monday, Jan 4th at 3:15, meeting at the ski room (will notify everyone closer to the start as to what we will be doing).  We will not be able to use the locker rooms, so everyone will need to be dressed before they show up at the school.  We will still have access to the ski room, thus those who would like to store their skis in there will still be allowed to.  We will just need to have guidelines as to how many at a time can be in there.  

At this moment, there is no schedule and we may not know until the Governor ok's competitions, but we are working on it and once we have it we will post it.  Our season will be a 13 week season and thus the last week will be the week of March 15, with the hope being that there will be a Section and State Meet.  

Until that time, you are able to sign up for the season, with the best option being under the Lock and Key on the school district web page.  Please be signing up now if you are intending to join and don't wait until the first day of practice.  Also, we will continue to meet virtually with the skiers for the next couple of weeks.  Monday's will be check in day at 3:15 in which we will go over questions on the workout suggestions and any technique questions.  Tuesday's will be Core/Strength training meeting at 5:00.  For both of the next 2 weeks we will discuss with those on Tuesday on whether to do another session on Wednesday or Thursday.  If you are wanting to join any of these sessions and don't have the pass code, please email or message me and I will get you either of the two codes.

Lastly, once we here more of what is going to happen, what we are able to do, and any other info, I will get it out to you, but at the moment, this is all I have been informed on. 

Thanks and have a great Holiday Season!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Core/Strength Session

For those that are able to, we will do a core/strength training virtual session tomorrow, Thursday, at 5:00pm. Go to the classroom pages for the links. If you need the link, please message me and I will get one to you.




A message that was sent to us this afternoon in regards to registration.

Winter Activity Registration will reopen on Thursday December 17th with a resumption date of January 4th.  You MUST be registered by this date in order to be able to start on this date.  If you previously registered for our activity, you must register again, as registration fees were refunded.  

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Core Workout Option Tonight

We will be doing an optional virtual core workout tonight at 5:00.  Please go to the google classroom pages for the video link or message me for the code to get into one of the google meets that we have.  Once again, this is not a mandatory thing, but it is an opportunity for everyone to get some work in but also to see each other.
Any questions, please let me know,

Monday, December 14, 2020

Workout Ideas for the Week of Dec. 14

Here are some ideas for this week to help you with your skiing.  Continue to focus on technique, mainly slowing it down and try to do as much of it as possible correctly, but also continue to get some long distance skis in and some speeds as well.  We will offer a Core training on Tuesday at 5:00 (go to the Google Classroom pages for the chat link) and then discuss how many days a week we would like to continue those get togethers.   

Check out the videos on Jump Skate, which is a more dynamic way to get up hills
Any questions, let me know,
Have Fun

Natural intervals are common in running and skiing. Natural intervals mean skiing continuously down a trail or loop and letting the terrain in front of you dictate your intensity. Typically, this means recovering on the downhills and flatter terrain and using the uphill sections to increase your intensity creating various lengths of intervals in varying terrain.  All-natural.

This interval session however reverses traditional natural intervals and instead we use the flatter terrain, downhills, and transitional sections as the intervals and recover on the steep uphills. Sound easy? Think again. You’ll find that your heart rate will elevate extremely easily during this session and above all it forces us to practice smooth transitional skiing at a controlled and realistic race pace which will be a huge benefit in competitions. 

Reverse Natural Intervals L3, Threshold 
2 x 20 minutes 

Warm Up:
20 minutes easy skiing 
2 x 5 mins L2
5 x 10 second speeds 
Dynamic stretching 

Choose terrain that is rolling and preferably on a big loop. 5k race loops at your local ski area usually work great. 

Start the 20-minute interval at a controlled longer distance race pace (L3, Threshold pace). Ski all the flats, bumps, transitions, etc. at this L3 pace as well as ski hard INTO each uphill. It’s fine to push the L3 pace on gradual uphill terrain but as soon as the hill gets steep enough to V1 or stride knock back the pace so your heart rate recovers to L2. Catch your breath a little bit on the steep sections of the hill then remember to push hard over the top and continue on at a controlled race pace. 

Monday, December 7, 2020

No Booster Meeting Tonight

 There will be no Booster Club Meeting tonight.  We will let you know when the next meeting will be.


Workout Ideas for the Week of Dec. 7

 Here are some ideas for some workouts for this week.  Fit it to where you are currently at.  Also, especially the first few times out on snow, spend at least 20 mins of no pole skiing and 20 mins of double poling, focusing on good technique and being quiet with your upper body.

Any questions, let me know,

L4 pyramid: (L4 is race pace, be relaxed and under control, equal amounts of rest in between each)

1 min, 2 min, 3 min, 4 min, 5 min, 4 min, 3 min, 2 min, 1 min 

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Season Update and 3 Rivers Passes

Some of you may have been aware of this, but the State High School League met today to discuss start of season dates with the current situation within the State.  The basics are this, as soon as the Pause order is lifted by the Governor, sports will resume.  So, in the current situation, if Dec. 19 comes and the order is lifted, we would start on Monday, Dec. 21. However, they also have cleared two other dates to start seasons if the pause is continued, and those being Jan 4th and Jan 18th.  With this the season would go into March.  I have heard two separate dates that our season would go to, one being March 13th, the other March 27th.  For most sports, that won't be a problem, for us, it would be all dependent on snow.  I did not hear if this would effect the start of Spring sports, but one would have to guess that they will be pushed out as well.

With all of this, and the continued uncertainty of the start of the season, comes the idea of getting season passes for Three Rivers Parks, which would include Elm Creek and Hyland who both make snow, and when we can and how they would be paid for.  I have been working with our AD on this and trying to come up with a solution, but to be honest there is nothing we can do at this time other than wait for the season to start.  The basics are this; in the past 5 or so years the school district has paid for these passes, as well as Wirth Park passes, but the district is not able to purchase these passes before the season starts, which means that if we start on Dec. 21st, then we would be able to order them at that time, if not until later, then we could not get them until the season starts, mainly because there is not guarantee of a season thus they are not going to purchase something for a sport that might not even have a season.  

The idea of going through a Booster Club was also brought up and then having the school district reimburse them, but there is no guarantee that they would be reimbursed and it would definitely not happen if the season is canceled, but also it is possible that it is an illegal action for the Booster Club to do so.  I know that other schools in our district have gone ahead and used their booster clubs, but I was heavily advised not to due to the possible sanctions that could come out of it if it is an illegal action.

So, what that means is this, once the starts, we will order season trail passes for everyone on the team for Three Rivers Parks, but until that time, you are on your own. If you want to buy a season pass, go ahead, but please note that we will not be able to reimburse you.  The best option is to just pay for daily passes, especially if you are not going that often.  The only other thing I can say is to pray for lots of snow and some colder temps.