Sunday, December 31, 2017

Booster Meeting

Booster meeting this week will be on Thursday. 7pm at the high school.  We will meet near the cafeteria and will be in a room next to it. I hope to see you there.
Rick Petroff

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Mesabi Invite Roster

Below is the roster for the Mesabi Invite that is on Jan 6. This year, we will only be taking the 10 girls and 10 boys that are racing. But, if there is someone on the list that is unable to go, please let me know as soon as possible so we can make the changes that are needed and make sure whomever we pick to replace is made aware as well.
We will be leaving at noon on Friday the 5th, skiing at Pine Valley in Cloquet and then waxing our skis there as well. We are staying at the AmericInn in Cloquet and we will be going out to eat in town as well. There is a cost that goes with this, $40 this year due to the hotel and dinner costs, but breakfast and lunch are taken care of.
If there are any questions, please let me know,

Classic - Varsity: Mitch, Paul, Myles
Classic - JV: Josh, John
Skate - Varsity: Jared, Ricky, Nick
Skate - JV: Caleb, Noah
Classic - Varsity: Abby, Maddie, Lilah G
Classic - JV: Amelia, Addie
Skate - Varsity: Olivia, Izzy, Sarah
Skate - JV: Faith, Katie

Thank You!

Thank you to all of the parents that helped make camp much more than skiing, in really cold weather! Thanks to the parents that donated soup, sandwiches, and treats for dinner! Thanks to the parents that took the time to come up to camp that set up and made sure dinner was ready both nights as well as be out on the trails yesterday to help the skiers if they needed any water or snacks or if the skier just couldn't go any further on a very cold and slow Birkie Trail! All of the pictures out there so far are great evidence of the work the skiers did in a couple of days, even if we weren't able to finish it out today! Thanks to John and Jill, Rick, Mark and Angie, Scott and Kathy, Rob, and Vicki! Without your help, our jobs as coaches would have been much more challenging!

Friday, December 29, 2017

Coming Home Early

As you know, the weather has been cold and is only getting colder.  So, due to this and our concern for the safety of the skiers, we will not be skiing on Saturday and we will be heading home early.  Our plan is to leave Hayward at 10:00 and plan to be back to the school a little before 1:00pm.  With the temps being so cold, we will have the kids call on our way back and if you can help, it will make things go faster and everyone can get back to the warmth.
Thanks and we will see you all tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Be Ready to Ski!

One final item for tomorrow for all of the skiers, come dressed to ski and make sure that you have your ski boots on the bus when we leave!

Eyewear and other Cold Weather Protection

One other thing that needs to be mentioned that everyone should have with the colder weather is eyewear. A lot of people forget this part and end up hurting their eyes when it is cold out and they are moving at faster speeds. There are many different options, here being a few on this link but we do want the skiers to have something, especially if we ski and it is below zero.
We also want to make sure that the girls bring warm weather Hats for skiing and not just headbands. A lot of girls in skiing like just headbands when skiing, but those will not hold heat and when it gets very cold, a hat can make a huge difference.
Lastly, bring a small thing of vasoline! We will have some, but everyone has their own, it makes it easier. This is an item that should be with them as they ski as well. We want to make sure the skiers are safe when we ski, and if there is an exposed skin, i.e. The face, we want to make sure it is protected as well.
Thanks, and if anything else comes up, I'll let you know

Food at Camp

For all of those that are making soup or others items for camp, can you please label if it does or does not have nuts in it, this includes nut milks? We do have a skier on the team this year the does have allergies to nuts and we want to make sure that they do not eat something that is going to cause them a severe reaction.
We also do have skiers that are vegetarians or don't eat much for meat, so non meat options are welcome as well.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Camp Update

We are just over a day away from camp and was wanting to remind everyone that the temps are going to be on the cold side in the Hayward area and everyone that is going needs to bring extra layers, gloves/mittens, hats, socks, and gators/buffs, as well a jacket to put on after practices as we travel back to the hotel or back to Coon Rapids. One of the biggest things to remember is that when it is colder like it will be, it's important to keep moving, and if you are still not staying warm to get to a place where you can warm up, which there will be places to do. To go with this, for those that ordered the team jackets, they are to be delivered tomorrow so we will have them on Thursday when we leave.  If you have ordered one and have not paid yet, please either bring payment or set up a plan with me for making payments.
As for the weather itself, the high temps on Saturday are to be around -4 F, with lows being in the negative teens Friday into Saturday. We will be paying attention to this possibility of weather and will make any necessary changes, including starting later, reducing the amount of time outside/practice, to even the chance of just heading home early, which we have had to do in the past.  If there are any changes, we will let everyone know and have the skiers there making contact with their parents as well to make sure everyone is aware of what we are planning to do.
Let me know if there are any questions. I'll be on my way back home tomorrow, getting back into the Twin Cities around 4:30pm, so if anything comes up, we will have time.
Last reminder, the bus leaves at 7:00am on Thursday, but we want everyone at the school at 6:30am. Everyone will need to check in with me at the ski room so they can see what they are in charge of for the teams equipment. We will have plenty of things to do, so no one will be able to just sit on the bus as the trailer is being filled and items are being brought up.
Thanks and see you all soon!

Friday, December 22, 2017

Message from Coach Nelson

10:07 a.m. Friday.  Here's the latest on today's schedule.  Every varsity skier who wants to do the weight room today can do so.  Remember that if you go into the weight room you are expected to do the work.
I called Elm and they have space for about 10-12 skiers from CR.  That is for the 2:45 to 4:15 slot.  (Maple Grove will be there too.)  Same notion as for the weight room: If you opt to go to Elm, don't stand around.  Get on the hills and get your work in.  And no more than a dozen of you, please. Display your season pass.  Elm and Maple Grove are granting us a favor. Coach Mollie, can you meet any CR skiers at Elm?
First-years and anyone who wants to do some technique work at school can go to The Pit with me. You decide what you want to work on, be it classic or skate.
We will be done well before 5:00 in light of last night's long haul, last day of school etc, etc.
Wirth is out of the question today.  They are packed.

Heggie's $ can still go to Maddie in school today, I believe. Amy?


Thursday, December 21, 2017

Mesabi Invite Change

For the Mesabi Invite, that is on Saturday, Jan 6, 2018, we have up to 10 boys and 10 girls race in the largest high school Nordic ski meet in the country at Giants Ridge in Biwabik, MN.  In years past we have stayed at Camp Chicagami and were able to take most of the team.  This year, we were unable to get into Chicagami, (filled by non-Nordic groups) and with the meet, a hockey tournament in the Eveleth/Virginia area, lodging was a challenge to find.  With that in mind, we will be staying in Cloquet and will only be taking the 10 boys and 10 girls that will be racing.  I am still working on the costs, but this will be a change for us.  We will be leaving on Jan 5th at noon, going to Pine Valley trails in Cloquet to ski, and then we will be able to use their building there to wax our ski's.  I am currently working on dinner plans, but the kids will be able to get breakfast at the hotel we are staying at or bring their own.  Lunch on Saturday will be provided for as well.
I will be sending out more information about this the week of the race.  We will be picking those that will be racing after tonight's race in Mora and will be letting everyone know after Christmas.
Thanks and if there are any questions, please let me know,

12/20 Skate Meet Results

Here is a link to yesterday's meet Results.  I will also put them on the right side of our blog.

For those that are wondering, team results were based on the top 6 skiers for each team.

Any questions, let me know,

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Dec 20 Skate Race

Our individual times from today's skate race at Elm Creek are now posted on the right side of the blog.  Once the official meet results are posted, I will either post them or have a link to them.

But it was an overall positive day, with it being the first race for many.  The temps were a little cold, wind up, and with the little bit of new snow that we got before the race, conditions were a little slow.  We are at a point in the season though, where we are finally starting to get into a rhythm with our training, so we are still off a little in our racing, but we are being competitive, plus the First Years are showing some solid improvements for themselves and starting to get some more confidence.  We still have a lot of work to do and we were not expecting to have our very best today.

Any questions, please let me know,

Waxing Policy

Now that we are finally starting to get meets in, I want to make sure that everyone is aware of the policy that the State Nordic Coaches Association is adopting in regards to wax and when you can use higher end waxes.  I am adding a link that will give you more detail, but the basics of it is that there are no Fluorinated waxes (LF and HF waxes included) used during the regular season meets, which includes the Mesabi Invite and the ABC Relay's.  We will be able to use the LF, HF, Pure (100%) Fluoro Block's and Liquids at the Conference, Section, and State Meets, but there is a complete ban on 100% Powder's.

For some, this probably sounds foreign and you have no clue what it means for your skier, but if you do not wax, or skier does not wax at home, then you do not have to worry on this, we will be helping them make sure they use the right wax.  For those do wax at home, please honor this policy.  We know there are other skiers/teams that will and that there is no way to detect if someone is or not, but we want to set a precedent and we will follow the rules.

If there are any questions, please let me know

Minnesota High School Wax Policy


Tuesday, December 19, 2017


Below is a message from Amy Keran in regards to the Heggies Pizza orders that are due on Thursday:

Just a reminder - Forms and payment for Heggies Pizza are due no later than December 21. Please have you skier give your order to Maddie Keran.
On the 22nd, the order has to be placed with Heggies to make the January 2, 2018 delivery date.
If there is an issue (re: forgotten form), please let me know no later than 8:00 am on December 22, I can still place the order.
Questions? Email me at

Meet Schedules: Wednesday and Thursday

Below are the time schedules for the Skate Meet on Wednesday at Elm Creek and the Invite on Thursday in Mora.  Also, for the Mora Invite, this is a Community that puts a lot into its Nordic Skiing and are bringing in lights to allow this meet to run at a later time so more spectators would be able to watch.  With this, they will be setting out donation boxes if anyone would chose to donate to help reduce the costs. There will also be concessions sold.
If you have any questions, let me know.

Wednesday, Dec. 20, 2017 @ Elm Creek
Elm Creek Park Reserve: Take MN Highway #10 East to MN Highway # 610. From MN # 610 take a right onto Elm Creek Park RoadElm Creek Park Road enters the Park Reserve. Park vehicles at the building on the left side approximately 1/2 mile after entering the park

(1 person from each school every 20 seconds)
Boys Varsity/JV - 3:30
Girls Varsity/JV - 3:45
Boys First Years - 4:00
Girls First Years - 4:15

Thursday, Dec. 21, 2017 @ Mora Vasaloppet Center
Mora Vasaloppet Center: Take Main St (CR 14) East to MN Hwy 65 and go north to Mora.  Stay on Hwy 65 through Mora and take a left onto N. 9th St. then take the second right (follow signs for Vasaloppet Center)

 Varsity Sprints - Prelims
- Boys - 4:00
- Girls - 4:15

Junior High/First Years (2.5K)
- Boys - 4:35
- Girls - 4:55

Varsity Sprints Round 2
- Boys - 5:15
- Girls - 5:30

JV (5K)
- Boys - 6:00
- Girls - 6:20

Varsity Sprint Finals
- Boys B Final - 6:50
- Girls B Final - 6:55
- Boys A Final - 7:00
- Girls A Final - 7:10

Winter Camp Info/Schedule

Below is the information needed plus a tentative time schedule for next weeks Winter Camp trip.  If there are any questions about this, please let me know.

2017 Nordic Skiing Winter Camp

Each year we offer skiers a chance to improve their skiing and get some time in on some great snow trails up north.  It also gives the team a chance to relax, have fun, and get better acquainted.

We will leave for Winter Camp at 7:00am on Thursday, December 28 and will return about 6:00pm on Saturday, December 30.  An approximate itinerary is given on the back of this sheet (some of the locations and workouts may change depending on the snow conditions).  We will be spending most of our evening time at the Comfort Inn and Suites in Hayward, WI, where cell range is sometimes limited, so if you need to get a hold of your child, your best option could be to call the Hotel, 715-634-0700. 

Students should bring their own healthy breakfasts and lunches and snacks in a cooler that stays in the equipment trailer on the trip up or bring money to buy stuff at the store or restaurants at the hotel.  Minimal spending money is needed unless they want to buy things.  There is a continental breakfast available by the hotel, but bringing their own is still something to consider.

Students are expected to pack the following items: Plenty of warm clothing (layers are best) and personal items for three days (don’t forget that toothbrush & deodorant, please!!), a warm winter coat, winter boots (to be worn on your feet on the bus), PJ’s, water bottle/sports drink, Skis, Wax, Poles, and Ski Boots, cooler.  Remember that most everything will go into the equipment trailer.  You may want to take homework, a camera, a healthy snack for the bus ride, headphones.  Consider marking the items you want back!  Be sure to bring a positive attitude, and your CRHS pride and manners. (Videos for the evenings should be pre-approved by the coaches.)

On the return trip we will stop at Forest Lake for a quick rest stop and phone calls home to parents.  Please be sure to meet your students at CRHS about 20 minutes after they call!  (We’re all tired and anxious to get home by then.)  It helps if you park in the stalls rather than along the curb while you wait.  All students are expected to stay and help until ALL equipment is unloaded and properly put away.  We’re a team and teammates stick together (Yes, parents can helps!!)

Tentative Winter Camp Schedule

Thursday, Dec. 28                6:30am           Get skis from ski room.  Load bus &
Trailer, check for boots
                                                7:00am           Leave for Hayward
                                                10:00am         Arrive at Mosquito Brook or ‘00”
                                                10:15pm        Classic: Warm up Drills then Classic
                                                12:30              Lunch            

                                                2:00                Put on Skate Ski’s, Drills, ski until 5:00
                                                6:00pm           Dinner (Provided by Parents: soup,
                                                10:00pm        Lights Out
Friday, Dec. 29                       7:00am           Wake Up and eat
                                                8:00am           Head out to Birke Trail
(Skate Skiing, Varsity, some JV Start at Cable, head to Hayward; First Years, some JV, start at 00 and head to Hayward)
                                                12:00am         Lunch Break at Fish Hatchery Cabin
                                                1:00pm           First Years/JV Go Classic Skiing
                                                2:00pm           Varsity/JV Go Classic Skiing
                                                4:00pm           Ski’s Off
                                                6:00pm           Dinner (Provided by Booster Club)
                                                10:00pm        Lights Out
Wednesday, Dec. 30               7:00am           Wake up and eat, then pack things up
                                                                        And bring to trailer
                                                8:30am           Head to Timberland Trails
                                                                        Classic Drills then hill repeats
                                                12:30am         Meet for lunch
                                                1:30pm           Meet on trails
                                                                        Skate (Will decide depending on how
                                                                        Everyone feels and has been
                                                                        Then on your own
                                                3:30pm           Ski’s off, get ready for trip home
                                                4:00pm           Head home
                                                5:45pm           Call ahead from Forest Lake for rides

                                                6:00pm           Arrive at CRHS, unload bus & trailer

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Winona Sprint Relays

Sorry for the delay on the results, but was waiting for the official results to be sent to us, and then there were some issues with them, so had to wait for them to be corrected, mostly!

But, our results are now posted on the right side of the blog under Meet Results for the overall results and Individual Results for our teams.

An overall positive for the first race of the season with the Boys Varsity relay's finishing 1 (Jared and Ricky), 2 (Mitch and Paul) and the top Girls Varsity relay team (Olivia and Abby) winning their race as well.  The course was challenging with each skier having to ski up a sizable hill 3 times and having to deal with a challenging corner into a downhill.  On the Boys side we don't have a lot of 'sprinters' so for us to do as well as we did, was a positive, but also a great workout.  On the Girls side, we were missing many of our Varsity team, and those that got to do the sprints are also not your typical 'sprinters' and they did really well competing and improving on their techniques.

On the JV side, there were was a lot of improvements.  Josh and Amelia were able to get the wins, with Josh having a dominate win, winning by almost a minute and Amelia skiing in her first race since tearing her ACL in March of last year.  But all of the returning JV skiers showed a lot of improvements from where they finished last year, and for the First Years that were there, they all showed they were able to improve and get more comfortable as their races continued, and there is definitely some potential in that group as a whole.  It will be fun to see how much they improve to their next race on Wednesday at Elm Creek, as well as get the others that were not able to compete this weekend to get their first races in.

Reminder, we are going to Theodore Wirth for practice on Monday, Elm Creek on Tuesday (5:45 bus, ski 6:15-7:45), race at Elm Creek on Wednesday (3:30 start), and Mora on Thursday (4:00).

Thanks for the parents that were able to come to Winona and support the skiers!

Friday, December 15, 2017

Week of Dec. 18

So, some exciting news, as far as getting on snow for practices and meets.  Here is what we have as of right now, and this looks to hold better than what we have had the past two weeks:
Monday - Practice at Theodore Wirth, bus leaving at 3:15, won't be back until closer to 6 depending on traffic.
Tuesday - Practice at Elm Creek (6:15-7:45) (This is what they scheduled us for). Bus will leave at 5:45 and we are hoping to be back around 8:15.
Wednesday - Skate Race at Elm Creek, 3:30.
Thursday - Mora Invite, Skate Sprint Race (Varsity), 2.5-5K for JV/First Years at Mora Vasaloppet Center, 4:00.  This will be a later night, with most of the races being under the lights, and bus not getting back until closer to 9:00.
Friday - Not sure yet :)

I know this could be a long week, but until we can get enough natural, it is what we can do.
Any questions, please let me know,

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Friday Cancelled

Just got word from Three Rivers Parks that we will not be able to have our meet on Friday at Elm Creek.  I will start looking around to see if we cannot put something together for earlier next week.

We were, however, invited to go to the Mora Invite on Thursday in Mora and we will be going to that.  I'll get information for that meet out early next week.


Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Saturday - Winona Sprints

So, we are still waiting to hear the final decision by Three Rivers Parks on whether or not we are able to race on Friday or not.  Once we find out, I will send out the details.

But, the good news is that we are going to do a race in Winona at St. Mary's University on Saturday!!  The bus is leaving at 7:00am with the first race at 10:30.  Originally we were hoping to do a classic race, but we will be doing a skate race, with the Varsity skiers doing a 2 person sprint relay, with each doing a 1K 3 times.  The boys will be first with the girls to follow at 11:30.  The JV and 1st years will do a multiple wave mass start 2 lap course that will be about 2.5K, with the girls starting around 12:30 and the boys at 1:10.  The last wave of boys will go out around 1:30.

We suggest that the skiers bring a lunch or money to buy food at the University Book Store on campus.  We will probably also do a bit of a pole hike after the races to do a little extra hill work but also check out the bluffs on campus.  The hope is to leave around 3:00 so we are back by 5:30ish for those that are in the Holiday Concerts that evening.

Directions:  Saint Mary's University - 700 Terrace Heights, Winona, MN 55987
Take Hwy 10 East to 35W south to 694 east.  Follow 694 east to 35E south and follow into St Paul to Hwy 52 South.  Take Hwy 52 south to Hampton then exit at CR 50, take a left and go east.  CR 50 will turn into Hwy 61 and you will follow to Winona.  As you enter Winona, you will take a right at Hwy 14 and head west.  as you approach the bluffs and Saint Mary's, you will take a left below campus at St. John's road.  Follow this road back to the left to St. Yon's Valley, where the parking lot will be.

If there are any questions, please let me know, and if there are any changes I will let you know.

Heggies Pizza Order Form

Below is a link to the Heggies Pizza Order form for our Fundraiser.  Please remember that these are due on Thursday, Dec. 21.  If there are any questions, please let myself or Amy Keran know.
Order Form


ABC Relay Volunteer Sign Up

Click on the following link for volunteer positions for the ABC Relay's on Jan 13, 2018 at the Mora Vasaloppet Nordic Center.  If  you have any questions, please let me know.
ABC Relay Volunteer Sign Up


Parent Apparel Reminder

Just a reminder to all of those ordering Parent Apparel/Nordic Fan Wear, orders and payments are due this Friday, December 15th
Parent Apparel



We are practicing today from 2:45 to 4:15 at Elm Creek.  We were not able to get switched to the later time.  The bus will leave at 2:35 and the Middle School skiers will practice at the high school at normal time with Coach Nelson.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Update on the rest of the Week

So, this has been a fun, yet stressful day in trying to figure out what we are going to do for the rest of the week.  There is still no update on our meet on Saturday in Winona, which we will hopefully have an idea still yet tonight, but needed to get the rest of this out sooner, so I'm not waiting until I hear.
Wednesday, Elm Creek opened up their hours for team practices tomorrow and we were scheduled for 2:45-4:15. I am currently seeing if we can move to the 4:30-6:00 time slot, but those are slim chances.  With that, we will take the high school skiers and leave at 2:35 and we will be doing a skate workout. The middle school skiers will meet at the high school at normal time and Coach Nelson will have a workout for them.  If by chance we do get changed to 4:30, the bus will leave at 4:00, and we will take the whole team, and I will send out a message to everyone. We may not hear about this until tomorrow morning.

Thursday we were looking into doing a race at Mora, but they will only have 1K of trail open, and we did not feel it would be worth the 2 hours of driving to ski on a 1K loop, so we will be practicing at the high school.

Friday, this just came about this afternoon, but the 6 Conference teams that were scheduled to race tomorrow at Elm Creek, which we were one of, were notified that we have been tentatively rescheduled to do our race for Friday at 3:30. This is still up in the air, but it's a possibility and it is on the Three Rivers Park schedule as tentative. Once we find out, which hopefully will be soon, we will let you know all of the details.

Then, once again with Saturday, once I find out all of the details I will let let you know what is happening.

If there are any questions, please let me know,

Monday, December 11, 2017

Wednesday Meet Cancelled

It was originally brought to our attention that our meet on Wednesday was going to be cancelled over the weekend, but they also brought forth the chance that something might happen to allow the race to move forward.  That is not going to happen, and I am working on getting us up to Mora to do a race on Thursday.  They are going to get back to me soon to let us know if this can happen.  For those that don't know, Mora does make their own snow and do a great job of supporting those that want to make use of their trails.  I will let you know if this does go through as soon as I hear.
Also, we are still a go for our race in Winona on Saturday, with the distance still up in the air.  Winona makes their own snow as well, and have a great community that does what they can to make events happen.  We should know by this time tomorrow if everything will happen and what the distances will be.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Monday/Tuesday Practice

So the weather has not been ideal so far this season, so there is a strong chance that our meet on Wednesday will be cancelled, but Saturday's still looks like a go and we are working on putting one together for Thursday at Mora. Once that is figured, we will let you know the details.
But, with that, practices are going to be more of a wait and see what happens throughout the week. What we do know though, is we will be going to Rum River Central on Monday to pole run hills to work a bit on our stride work as well as get a good workout in.
On Tuesday we are wanting to take the first years and some of the second years and work on their classic technique out in the pit, and those returners that are able to, we would like for them to go to Elm Creek and get an hour of double skiing in, for endurance and strength. If there are returners that we would like to go to Elm but they cannot, then they will be with the rest of the team, which will still be beneficial to their improvements.
This is far from what we would like to do, but we are sort of stuck, and Three Rivers Parks, as well as Wirth, are not allowing team practices at this time. If something changes, we will do what we can to get out as a team.
Thanks for your support and any questions, let me know,

Friday, December 8, 2017


Coach Nelson and I searched high and low to find a place to ski for the team, that wasn't 3 hours away, and we were unable to find something that we felt comfortable with or even traveling an hour or so to get decent skiing. We are just in a rut in trying to find good skiing.
So, we are not having a scheduled practice and have told the skiers to head out to Elm Creek or Theo Wirth.  
Keep hoping for snow and stay positive, we will get in the work we need.

Parents going to Camp

For those parents that are planning to go to Winter Camp, we need to have you fill out to items from the school in order to go, the Volunteer Application and the Criminal History Release Form.  You can find them both at the following link: Volunteer and once you are completed that will notify me.  Also, if you have already done these forms this school year, then you are cleared.
Any questions, let me know,

Gear West 10 Day Sale

There is a 10 day sale going on at Gear West right now, and today they have a sale on Salomon ski's.  Check out this link to get deals:


Thursday, December 7, 2017

Friday Practice

We talked at practice today about the returning skiers going out to Elm Creek tomorrow if they were able to so they could get some better skiing in, but we are not able to go to Elm because they are closed until Saturday.
Sorry to get some of the hopes up, but we will have practice as usual tomorrow.
We are also still working on finding a place to ski on Saturday.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Parent Apparel

Below is a link for those of you parents that would like to buy the apparel that has been set up by Angela Jurmu.  We will also send home a sheet that has all of the options as well.
If there are any questions, please let me know,
Parent Apparel


Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Thursday Cancelled

We were notified by the conference and Three Rivers Parks that our meet on Thursday is cancelled. With the little bit of snow we got last night and with the colder temps, things doing look more positive for at least one race next week.
We will also know more about Saturday practice later in the week.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Booster Pot Luck Monday

Below is the information for Monday Evenings Booster Pot Luck at the high school.  We sent this information home with the skiers at the beginning of the week, but still want to make sure we are letting everyone know, just in case.
If you have any questions, please let me know,

2017-2018 Nordic Ski Booster Pot Luck Dinner/Wax Clinic
Parents and Skiers
Here is some information for the Nordic Ski Booster Pot Luck Dinner, a chance to find out about the Booster Club as well as meet other parents, as well as the athletes and coaches. We will also have a wax clinic by Olympic hopeful, Matt Liebsch for both parents and athletes so you know what takes to have skis ready for a race.
Date: Monday, December 4, 2017
Location: Coon Rapids High School Cafeteria
Time: 6:00 start time for dinner
What to bring: this is a pot luck event. It would be greatly appreciated if you could bring the following suggested items to share.

Seniors: Beverages
Juniors: Salads
Sophomores: Desserts
Freshmen and Under: Main Meal

Silverware, plates and additional drinks will be provided

Please account for the size of the team. We have 43 members on the team this year, and three coaches.

If there are any questions in regards to this, please let me know,
Thanks and see you Monday, Dec. 4!

Friday, December 1, 2017


We told the skiers this week that they should go to Elm Creek or Theo Wirth on Saturday and/or Sunday in order to get on snow. Most have their trails passes for Elm Creek, and you can get their passes for Theo Wirth on a previous post.
On Monday, without school for the skiers, we are still going to have practice at 2:30, due to the fact that I have meetings all day. It is however, another good morning to get on snow, but we still want them to be at practice.
Nothing has been made official yet, but there is a pretty good chance that our first race will be cancelled, but we will hold on until Three Rivers Parks and the AD in charge of Nordic in our Conference let us know.