Sunday, November 11, 2018

Season Begins Tomorrow!

The season gets rolling tomorrow, and having snow on the ground, even just a little bit, is a positive way to start the season.  However, the chances of getting on snow this week are very minimal, and even though Elm Creek, Hyland Park, and Theo Wirth are all making snow, it still will be at least a week before they will be open and longer before they allow teams to practice.  We will get our passes for those locations as soon as we can, but we have to wait to have as many of the names that are on the team as possible before we can request them.  Also, with over 70 teams in the metro area, it will take a bit of time for them to turn over the passes. 
Below is the basic information that I will be sending out with the skiers tomorrow, but feel it will be good for all to have before as well.  If there are any questions, please let me know, but get signed up and don't wait until the last minute unless there are any issues (there is a new Activities Director and Secretary this year and issues have happened!).

2018-2019 Nordic Ski Season

Welcome to a new season of Coon Rapids Nordic Skiing and to a great opportunity to learn and grow in a sport that can be with you the rest of your life, both physically and mentally. 

This is a new season but it is also the continuation of an era in our program that is about being positive, being motivated mentally, learning the basics, and also learning about the sport, plus we are at a point where the expectations are higher for us this season to finish high in the Conference and Sections and making it to State.  We will be giving you information on equipment, technique, major international racers and races, and other things that will help you become a better student of the sport of skiing, as well as making you a better skier.

We, as coaches, ask that you bring a positive attitude, a desire to work hard and work together with respect towards each other’s goals, as well as the teams!  We want you all to grow and have a great experience with this team, one that could be setting the standard for the years to come. 

So let’s start it out right and put your best ski forward.  There is no failure unless you don’t try!!  Here’s to a great season of building great skiers and friendships.
Denny, Coach Nelson, Coach Jensen

PS  The following are some things that you and your parents need to know as the season begins:

For insurance purposes, we will be asking that all students be wearing bike helmets when we are on roller ski’s/blades.  We will not allow any student on wheels if they do not have a helmet!!

Saturday, Nov. 17 is the MYSL Ski Swap at the Northern Star Council Base Camp at Fort Snelling, with the Swap being open from 11:00-1:30, yet with an expo starting at 9:00am.  We will also be volunteering at this event, with up to 10 volunteers needed.  If you are not able to volunteer yet still need some equipment, let us know and we will help out.

Monday, Nov. 19 will be our Parent Meeting, 6:00pm in Room 004 at the High School

Wednesday, Dec. 5 we will have a team Potluck and Booster Club meeting at the high school.  This will start at 5:30pm in the cafeteria and is great intro to the team and the Booster Club.

Winter Camp is going to be Dec. 28-30 at Comfort Inn and Suite in Hayward, WI, skiing on area trails, including the Birkie Trail, and the cost is going to be $90.  A deposit of $50 for those going will be needed by Nov 26 with the final payment due on Dec 7.  This is NOT a mandatory event, but is a great way for the skiers to really improve their skiing skills. If there are issues with payment, please let me know. Checks can be made out to CRNSBC.

Finally, for those of you that are first year skiers, the one piece of equipment that we ask all of you to get is a pair of Combi boots, best option being the Salomon Pro Combi.  You can pick these up at Pioneer Midwest in Osseo or Gear West in Long Lake or one of the Ski Swaps.  There are other locations as well, you may have to look on line for them.


  1. Newbe here looking at some ski boots. Do we need nnn or sns boots if we are useing the ski at the school ?

  2. Most of our skis have SNS bindings on them, however, if the boots you get are NNN, we can get the bindings changed. Anything else, let me know,

    1. Thanks Denny, does Justin need his own ski's ? I cant make it to the ski swap thing on the 17th, I will be at Mississippi elementary all day for an event. I did read all the information her brought home, but still feel lost.

    2. We will have skis for him. Don't worry if you feel lost. We can discuss a lot of this on Monday at the parent meeting.