Thursday, December 27, 2018

Winter Camp Changes

Found out from the AD that Superintendent will not allow us to travel north tomorrow due to the weather, but we are able to travel to Mpls if we want, so we are going to make some changes for camp. Here is the plan:
We are going to meet at the high school on Friday at 11:45 and head to Theo Wirth to ski for the day. We will be there until dark, (5:00) so please bring lunch food plus classic and skate equipment, as well as your trail passes.
Then, we will leave at 7:00am on Saturday and head up to Hayward to ski Saturday and Sunday. We will want everyone to the school by 6:30 so we can pack the trailer and make sure we are ready to go by 7:00. At this moment, once we get to Hayward, the rest of camp will be the same as planned.
It’s not perfect but we will find the safest way to make sure we still get our work in. Any questions, let me know, but please note that I am about to board an airplane to head that way, so I will not get back to you right away.


  1. Do you still want us to send soup along, Sat am?

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