Sunday, December 17, 2017

Winona Sprint Relays

Sorry for the delay on the results, but was waiting for the official results to be sent to us, and then there were some issues with them, so had to wait for them to be corrected, mostly!

But, our results are now posted on the right side of the blog under Meet Results for the overall results and Individual Results for our teams.

An overall positive for the first race of the season with the Boys Varsity relay's finishing 1 (Jared and Ricky), 2 (Mitch and Paul) and the top Girls Varsity relay team (Olivia and Abby) winning their race as well.  The course was challenging with each skier having to ski up a sizable hill 3 times and having to deal with a challenging corner into a downhill.  On the Boys side we don't have a lot of 'sprinters' so for us to do as well as we did, was a positive, but also a great workout.  On the Girls side, we were missing many of our Varsity team, and those that got to do the sprints are also not your typical 'sprinters' and they did really well competing and improving on their techniques.

On the JV side, there were was a lot of improvements.  Josh and Amelia were able to get the wins, with Josh having a dominate win, winning by almost a minute and Amelia skiing in her first race since tearing her ACL in March of last year.  But all of the returning JV skiers showed a lot of improvements from where they finished last year, and for the First Years that were there, they all showed they were able to improve and get more comfortable as their races continued, and there is definitely some potential in that group as a whole.  It will be fun to see how much they improve to their next race on Wednesday at Elm Creek, as well as get the others that were not able to compete this weekend to get their first races in.

Reminder, we are going to Theodore Wirth for practice on Monday, Elm Creek on Tuesday (5:45 bus, ski 6:15-7:45), race at Elm Creek on Wednesday (3:30 start), and Mora on Thursday (4:00).

Thanks for the parents that were able to come to Winona and support the skiers!

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