Monday, January 29, 2018

JV Conference Results/Conference Start List

I have posted our individual results from today's JV Conference Meet onto the right side of the blog.  Once the overall results are posted, I will put up a link for those.
According to Coach Nelson, the skiers looked good and held their own against the skiers from the other teams.  He mentioned that they worked hard and were solid all the way from the start to the finish, with much improvements for all of them.
As mentioned on yesterday's post, we still want the JV skiers coming to practice so they can continue to improve, plus they still have one more race and also the Pastry Relays, a fun a little race that the skiers love to do because they get to dress up in costumes as well as get pastries!!
Lastly, here is a link to Wednesday NWSC Meet for the Varsity skiers.  This is where they will start in their first race, a skate race with one skier going out every 15 seconds. The Girls will start at 10:00, the Boys at 11:00.  There is one mistake that I have already notified the timer about, but the first girl for Coon Rapids should be Lilah Gilyard at number 12. The individual at number 7 is actually from Elk River.
NWSC Start List


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