Tuesday, September 11, 2018


As we are approaching the beginning of another ski season, there are a couple things of note with sales as well as with skis.
First, there are Sales happening at some of the major ski shops.  Gear West is having their annual Pig Out Sale that is on Sep 13-16 in which they have 20-70% off store wide.
Pioneer Midwest is having their Fall Sale on Sep 14-16 and they will have 10-75% off everything in the store.
Finn Sisu will be having their Blue Awning Sale and Ski Swap on Sep 21-23 (Blue Awning Sale)

Finally, for those of you that may be needing skis, look to get skis sooner than closer to the start of the season so you are not fighting the crowds when the snow flies.  To go with that, if you are not needing skis, you should still consider bringing your skis in to get them resized, especially your classic skis.  If you are planning to just get your skis checked, definitely do this now (maybe not during the sales), so you are not fighting the crowds when we are even closer to the start of the season.  Both Pioneer Midwest and Gear West will do this for you, just make sure the skis are cleaned of any wax. 

If there are any questions on any of this, please let me or Coach Nelson know.

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