Sunday, December 2, 2018

Week Ahead

Here is the basics for this week, which will be a busy week ahead. Even though the skiers don't have school tomorrow, Monday, I do have to work all day and we were scheduled at Elm Creek again at 6:15pm.
So, for Monday, we are meeting at 5:00 at the high school to do our weight training and then will head to Elm to do a skate workout.
Tuesday we will be at school for normal time of practice.  We will also be handing out uniforms after school on Tuesday.
Wednesday we are scheduled at Elm Creek for 4:30.  With the pot luck on Wednesday as well, we will only be at Elm until 5:30, which is fine with a race on Thursday.
Thursday is our first race, which is at Elm Creek.  First race is at 3:30 (do not know the schedule yet, will let you know when I hear about it!)
Friday we are scheduled at Elm Creek for 2:45-4:15.  We will be going but not sure yet what time we will be leaving.
Saturday is the MN Nordic Opener for Three Rivers Parks.  With still only man made locations having trails open, we are going to have the skiers go out to Elm, or even Wirth, to get a workout in.


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