Sunday, December 16, 2018

Week Ahead

Our Individual and the Overall Results from yesterday's Winona Invite are now posted.  It was a good day for us to get out on some challenging trails and even if not everyone had the day they were hoping for.  It was good for the first years to get and ski on some real snow (mostly) and be challenged by the terrain so now when they race at Elm Creek again they will feel much more confident and comfortable.  The Varsity battled it out with two teams that have been able to get on more hills to this point in the season and an opportunity to get two races in one day in and get ready for later in the season. 

A big congratulations to Abby Ellenbecker for taking the win in the Girls Varsity Pursuit.  Olivia Ellenbecker also had a great day as she was edged out to finish in 3rd to help lead the Girls to a 2nd place finish.  Jared Heida had the fastest skate race on the day and came back to finish in 3rd overall, while Ricky Petroff had a solid all-around day to finish in 5th, 4 seconds behind Jared as the Boys took 3rd.  Great job to all skiers and thanks to the parents that did make the long trip down to Winona yesterday!

This upcoming week will be a little different than what we have had in the past few weeks, partly because of the race schedule but also due to the warmer weather and the loss of snow we are dealing with.  We are scheduled to ski at Elm Creek on Monday from 4:30-6:00, so we will be leaving at 4:00 and skating.  We will also do our weight training after school.  Tuesday and Thursday we will be at school, with right now being on foot.  Wednesday we are racing at Elm Creek at 3:30 (more info will be posted when we get it).  On Friday and Saturday is the Mora Invite.  We as coaches discussed how we wanted to approach this race due to the races and work schedule we have had in the past few weeks and have decided to divide the team in two based on who can make one day or when they would like to race.  We are just not wanting to stretch the skiers too far physically, so feeling this will be our best option.  We will notify everyone on Monday what they will be racing, but we will also post it here tomorrow so you are able to know when they are racing.

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