Sunday, December 9, 2018

Weekly Basics

Here are the basics for the week ahead.  Also, if there is anyone that still needs to pay for poles or their final payment for Winter Camp, please bring those to me at the beginning of the week.  Checks written out to CRNSBC.

Monday: Weight Training after school, skiing at Elm Creek, Bus leaves at 4:00, should be home around 6:30
Tuesday: Normal practice
Wednesday: Age Group Classic at Hyland Park (Bloomington).  Girls at 4:00, Boys at 4:30
Thursday: Normal practice time, skiing at Theo Wirth, Bus Leaves at 3:15
Friday: Normal practice
Saturday: Winona Race, Bus leaves at 6:00am (more detail to come).  With this race, we know that there are Holiday Concerts for some of our skiers and that we are starting to get Holiday gatherings for families.  The last race will start at 12:45, so should be home before 5:00. If there is anyone that is not able to make this race, please let me know.

Any questions, let me know,

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