Friday, January 11, 2019

ABC Relay Line Up

Here are the teams and who is skiing what for tomorrow's ABC Relays at Theo Wirth Park.  The Boys are at 10:00 and the Girls at 11:30.  Based on the "Rankings" that came out today, there will be 5 Boys teams that are rated and 8 Girls teams that are rated, so expect some really good racing!
Any questions, please let me know,

ABC Relay Teams, Saturday, Jan. 12, 2019
Girls Boys
Abby Ellenbecker Classic Joshua Thoen Classic
Amelia Blomberg Classic Ricky Petroff Classic
Lilah Gilyard Skate Noah Christiansen Skate
Olivia Ellenbecker Skate Jared Heida Skate
Maddie Keran Classic Joe Moline Classic
Sarah Eichstadt Classic Peyton Martinek Classic
Josie Ingvaldson Skate Caleb Chesser Skate
Izzy Haberman Skate Myles Gilyard Skate
Isabella Nortrom Classic Michael Smith Classic
Katie Emmans Classic Jennings Jurmu Classic
Summer Nietz Skate Jaxon Lahner Skate
Rebekah Weimholt Skate Aaron Casey Skate
Addie Hoseck Classic Ryan Powley Classic
Tara Treml Classic Justin Goetz Classic
Trina Hoggarth Skate Jacob Casey Skate
Anna Samit Skate Eli Christiansen Skate
Kiwi Le Classic Tommy Samit Classic
Akala Lowe Classic Nico Cocciarella Skate
Julia Waite Skate
Halle Lenz Skate
Marijke Buter Classic
Tori Horner Classic
Jordyn Campbell Skate
Eliana Cocchiarella Skate
Olivia Nojd Classic
Kathryn Carda Skate
Sam Collin Skate
Jerzi Herberg Classic
Sheryl Black Classic
Paola Arellano Skate

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