Thursday, January 24, 2019

Conference Meet Update

Here is the update for the NWSC Conference Meet:

Due to the predicted weather, the race was postponed for Wednesday and is now moved to Monday, Jan 28th, still being held at Theodore Wirth.  The Boys Skate will be first at 9:30 followed by the Girls at 10:30.  Then the Boys Classic Pursuit will start at 12:00 with the Girls Classic Pursuit at 1:00.  Because of the early start and having to deal with rush hour traffic going into Minneapolis, we will be leaving at 6:30 to make sure we have time once we get down there to get set up. 

At this moment, the sentiment of the coaches in the conference is to move the JV Conference Meet to Monday, Feb. 11th for purposes of transportation as well as not being at Wirth for 10 hours or so.  Once that is confirmed, I will let you know.

The roster for Conference will be posted at practice today and then after practice I will post it here.  Those that are racing on Monday and wax their skis with the team will need to wax our skis on either Saturday or Sunday, but Coach Nelson and Coach Jerlie and I will discuss this at practice today before we confirm to when and where.

Finally, we are going to do our team pictures today. We will be at the Event Center at Bunker and most of the pictures will be inside, minus the team picture, which will be staged inside and then quickly set up outside.

Thanks and if there are any questions, please let me know.  Also, as info keeps coming in for Monday, I will let you know as well.

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